AMD Design Award 2023: Elevating Environmental Consciousness in Digital Art

The AMD Design Award 2023, a platform for CG and media artists and creative students, has successfully concluded, unveiling its winners.

Dedicated to fostering sustainable development and protecting the environment through digital art, the AMD Design Award has completed its latest season. The competition, active from July 15 to October 15, attracted an array of digital artists, each addressing critical environmental concerns.

The submissions covered a wide range of themes, from smart city infrastructure to concepts for zero-emission transportation and advocating for responsible energy use. The “Social Poster” category was the most entered, showcasing the artists’ dedication to using their talents to tackle environmental and social issues.

This year, the competition saw numerous entries, mainly from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany, with France, Spain, and Canada also contributing significantly. Marking a new milestone, the competition included active participation from students in creative fields, with a special prize fund for the best student work.

From October 15 to October 30, the entries were evaluated by a panel of notable jurors. The AMD Design Award seeks to encourage a blend of artistic creativity and critical thought, aiming to stimulate innovation and positive change in a period of global transformation. The jury for this year’s competition included:

· Annibale Siconolfi — An Italian artist and architect, notable for his 3D work on environmental themes.

· Sarper Baran — Founder of and a seasoned 3D artist.

· Rolands Zilvinskis — Freelance 3D Artist and Motion Designer from London, focusing on sci-fi.

· Manu VB Tintoré — A sculptor and painter, contemplating the future of humanity.

· Mickael Lelievre — A 3D modeling artist with significant industry experience.

· Matthew Betcher — Brand consultant specialising in sustainable solutions.

· Pick Keobandith — An art history Ph.D., focusing on art and cultural diplomacy.

Manu VB Tintoré, a sculptor, painter, and international agriculture engineer, reflects on the role of an artist in our ever-changing world: “How can we understand the role of an artist in this rapidly changing and endlessly mutable world? How can an artist’s work drive the essential changes humanity requires? Probably the binomial artistic creation — critical thinking constitutes one of the keys to promote. In this sense, the AMD Design Award stands out as one of the instruments to enhance this binomial and consequently influence the transition in which we are immersed. Young and experienced professionals, guided by the theme proposed by the contest, apply their creativity and intellect to generate innovations with implications for the design of a better future.”

This year’s winners are:

City category – Recognising the outstanding achievement in designing a smarter, more efficient city infrastructure with interconnected renewable energy systems, this nomination was awarded to Thomas Chamberlain‑Keen (United Kingdom), Alberto Petronio (United Kingdom) and Nick Leung (United Kingdom).

Transport category – Applauding the visionary work dedicated to zero emissions vehicles and sustainable transportation solutions, this nomination was awarded to Loic Bramoulle (France), Axel Sauerwald (Germany) and Mike Luard (United Kingdom).

Social Poster category – Commending the creative genius behind the artwork promoting responsible energy consumption by the Citizens of the Future, this nomination was awarded to Matteo Stella (Italy), Arad Safarzadegan (Germany) and Jeanne Plounevez (France).

Best student work – Celebrating the brightest emerging talents who have demonstrated exceptional creativity and dedication in the pursuit of sustainable design, this nomination was awarded to Jannes Ennen (Germany) and Artem Krylovskiy (Canada).

The winners in each category will receive fantastic prizes that include powerful AMD products, designed to propel the advancement of creative industries. The first-place prize is a Workstation PC powered by the AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO 5965WX processor and Radeon™ PRO graphics card. The second-place winner will receive a Workstation PC equipped with the AMD Ryzen™ 7000 Series Desktop processor and Radeon™ RX 7900 Series graphics card. The third-place prize is a ThinkPad P14s Gen 3 featuring the AMD Ryzen™ 7 PRO 6850U processor. The Best student work prize is a $300 Gift Card for Learn Squared that can be used to access the latest and most valuable courses offered by some of the industry’s leading artists. With these facilities, the winners will supercharge their creative abilities, reaching new horizons in their work and unlocking the potential for groundbreaking innovation.

Additionally, each winner of the contest will receive an exclusive prize: access to a Windows 11 Pro for Workstations license, further enhancing their creative capabilities.

Rolands Zilvinskis, a dedicated jury member, expresses his honor in being a part of the AMD Design Award and wholeheartedly applauds the artists for their unwavering commitment to a sustainable and energy-efficient future. He reflects, “I was honored to be a part of the AMD Awards jury, and I am thrilled to recognise the commitment of these artists to a sustainable and energy-efficient future. Their proposals showcased unique ideas, creativity, and innovation that could potentially make a positive impact in the future.”

The AMD Design Award, with a focus on environmental sustainability and innovation, embodies a critical mission to advance to a better world. By embracing the responsibility to protect our planet and encourage energy-saving measures, AMD challenges artists to imagine a world with abundant alternative energy sources and explore how we can contribute to these changes.

AMD extends its sincere gratitude to the esteemed partners — Armari, Chillblast, CyberPowerPC, InterPro Workstations, PCSpecialist, Scan Computers, and Strongbox Technology — for their invaluable contributions, empowering the next generation of innovative and sustainable designers.