Smart Ways to Save Money on Your Steel Farm Building

Farm buildings are one of the most common uses for steel structures. As a durable, cost effective and versatile metal, it is no surprise that steel is a popular choice for agricultural construction purposes. Although agricultural workers sometimes believe that a steel building is out of their budget, there are a number of money saving tips that can make owning the building of your dreams a reality. Let’s discover 3 smart ways to save money on your steel farm building.

Purchase Pre-Engineered

Steel farm buildings come in a variety of prefabricated designs. Although some farmers prefer to invest in custom built models, there are a wide range of pre-engineered buildings out there that are perfect for housing livestock. Cows, pigs, sheep, and horses can all benefit from easy to assemble storage. Furthermore, streamlining of the entire production process allows steel building manufacturers to reduce material costs and these savings can then be passed on to you as the buyer.

Pre-engineered steel buildings are still built by the same highly skilled and trained steel specialists, so it is sometimes possible to cut costs even further by making small reductions or changes to designs as appropriate. Above all, pre-engineered farming structures can arrive ready to assemble, ensuring that less time is wasted assembling your steel building. If you are particularly handy, you might even be able to erect and build a pre-engineered steel building on your own, eliminating the need to pay for professional help to do so.

Think Long Term

When purchasing a farm building, it can be tempting to go with the cheapest design. However, it is in your best interests to take into consideration the longevity of your investment. For example, whereas pole barn house options are often more affordable than steel buildings, the long-term maintenance and replacement costs for a building made from wood are often higher when compared to a similar structure made from metal.

When looked after carefully, pole barns can last for a long time. That being said, pole barn constructions made of wood are still susceptible to rot, termites, and insects. Furthermore, pressure treated wood has the potential to warp or shrink depending on the climate and other elements the building might be exposed to. In contrast, steel buildings are not only mold resistant, but typically come with a structural warranty. Above all, when purchasing a farm building, always take into consideration any potential damage risks and whether or not spending a little more initially could end up saving you money further down the line.

Pick a Durable, High-Grade Steel

Although spending more money outright on quality materials can seem counterintuitive where saving money is concerned, in fact, by investing in high-grade steel now, your farm building is more likely to hold up over time. Overall, steel is more hard wearing than alternatives such as timber or concrete, making it a perfect choice for farming and other agricultural buildings.

Buying a more expensive steel can also save you money when looking for insurance. Insurance companies widely recognise that stronger structures are more resistant to fire and the elements, so it typically costs less to insure buildings made from quality steels. Additionally, depending on your location, a steel building expert might even be able to supply geographic specific information on where to find the best steel based on metal load capacity and performance.

Ultimately, whether you are purchasing your very first steel farm building or expanding your existing space, it is crucial that you compare a few different options to make sure that you make the best decision for you and your budget.

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