Why do people hate boosters in computer games?

Suppose you have come around this great multiplayer title that you can play with your friends and do all sorts of stuff in. You are finally at home with a multiplayer game that is not repetitive, ships multiple updates such as new player skins, weaponry, and exciting challenges to keep the masses hooked but you can’t seem to enjoy it, why?

Can’t enjoy a multiplayer title? Try boosting!

The very reason you are finding it hard to enjoy for yourself is because you are currently a rookie in the game and to be able to really enjoy yourself and take on complicated challenges you need to level up first. Almost every multiplayer title be it may Dota 2, Destiny 2, World of Warcraft, or League of Legends is set in such a way that at first people have to really put in long hours so they can earn skills, upgrade their XP and build stuff for themselves to enjoy the game organically. But busy as you are can’t put in the time and ambition that is required, you want every aspect of the game unlocked and made available to you right now, so what can you do about it?

You can always hire a boosting service at Kingboost that will allow you to unlock the pristine game levels, upgrading your skills and XP so that you can finally enjoy the game the way it was meant to be enjoyed. Use a boosting service where you can hire a professional player for a dedicated game and they will be putting in all the long hours and effort performing menial tasks that you find time-consuming and repetitive while you get to enjoy the game after it has been boosted for you.

Gaming communities don’t practically praise boosters or boosting

Boosting is not ethical, it is not illegal but not ethical too. How would you feel if someone who is no match to you would just one day become your most tiring opponent? Above all how would you feel about the fact that a specific opponent didn’t put in the long hours or complete any tiresome challenges which you had to, to be where you are today. It would be a completely shocking experience for you, won’t it?

The same is true for those hardworking gamers who don’t rely on any boosting services or boosters to be able to gain experience and become good players. But when they are suddenly matched with an opponent that is as good as them that didn’t have to make the same sacrifices as they did, they loathe them. But apart from being disgusted by the act of hostility, there are other reasons why people hate boosters in computer games;

  • It breaks the integrity of the game

It is not as if these gaming communities or people dislike the person or booster but in reality, they dislike the act of boosting. They don’t have anything against those players or boosters but the things they do trouble them. Boosting is something that hurts the integrity of the game, the rules should be the same for everyone.

All the achievements, challenges and menial tasks put into the game are there for some specific purpose which is that everyone should put in the long hours to be able to become the champions they are today and not buy their way into everything. When people pay money to the boosters to boost their game and when they do so they are actually breaking the very framework of the game and thus its integrity.

  • It is completely unethical

As said earlier boosting is a completely unethical exercise and an end should be put to this or so many people from different gaming communities think. Boosting is about encouraging behavior that people who are wealthy and have money make them entitled to anything and everything they want. Some things can’t be bought with money and unethically moving forward in multiplayer titles should be completely banished on the grounds that it is completely unjust and wrong. It is a corrupt behavior that finds its powers from a corrupt ideology.

  • It is being dishonest

Boosting is unethical but at the same time, it is completely dishonest too. If a player comes into contact with you that is as good as you and has achieved the same number of achievements and has completed the same number of challenges how could you know if the player is actually being honest?

Boosting gives out a vibe that is so cruel, people believe the player to be completely organic and all his achievements legitimate whereas he has actually used boosting to rise through ranks. It is as dishonest as dishonesty gets.

  • It gives rise to further doubts

When you see a player who is as competitive as you are but only on-screen or in the display of the numbers in terms of having the same or superior level to you, higher XP, and having completed more challenges but they can’t seem to prove all of that in the battle with you, what does that make you think? You must think that why this specific person is not living up to the standards that are right there with him but only in numbers and not as a display of his competitiveness?

It means something fishy is going around and what else it could be other than the person using boosting to unlock all those achievements and acquiring that rank through money. Does it only make you feel disgusted at the behavior of this follow or would you also blame the game for it? Why didn’t it catch someone who is just breaking every rule of the game? Have you wasted all those hours trying to perfect your skill set and reach where you are today? Should you be looking for another multiplayer title, etc.?

Final thoughts

If you give it some thought then you would come around the fact that it is not the boosters that people loathe but the act of boosting itself because they feel violated and hurt over such disparity of values but moreover people trying to buy their way into becoming a competitive player rather than playing the game as everybody else has.