GinSen Debuts Luxurious Acupuncture Clinic on Kensington High Street, London

GinSen, an innovator in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture, is excited to announce the grand opening of its newest clinic, situated on High Street, Kensington. This state-of-the-art facility, spreading across two levels, is dedicated to advancing the patient experience with superior treatments in a luxurious environment.

Strategically located in the distinguished High Street Kensington, the clinic offers an upscale setting for acupuncture and comprehensive wellbeing treatments. The treatment rooms, designed with elegance and tranquility in mind, provide a comforting and inviting space for patients.

Lily Li Hua, a TCM Expert at GinSen, expressed enthusiasm about the new clinic: “We’re thrilled to move to an even bigger and fully renovated clinic, where we can continue offering our patients the exceptional treatments they deserve, with an upgraded experience for their consultations and treatments.”

Since its inception in 2002 in London, GinSen has been a pioneer in TCM and acupuncture. The new clinic is a reflection of their commitment to delivering high-quality natural fertility treatments and herbal medicines in the most conducive environment. The facility has been meticulously designed with an emphasis on ambiance and comfort, mirroring GinSen’s mission to create a tranquil and healing space, which is believed to be beneficial in achieving health goals.

GinSen has a long-standing history of evolving and perfecting its treatments and herbal supplements, establishing itself as a trusted name in the TCM community. The team at GinSen, experts in acupuncture, addresses a wide array of health issues, with a particular focus on fertility, including challenges faced by those over 40, fallopian health, endometriosis, and PCOS.

Favoured by celebrities and sports stars, GinSen’s effectiveness is highlighted through the success stories featured on their website.

Recognised as one of the best London Acupuncture clinics for IVF by The Standard, GinSen’s team comprises herbalists, acupuncturists, fertility experts, massage therapists, and a variety of TCM professionals. They promote natural, medication-free treatments and the combination of traditional TCM practices with modern approaches.

Besides the new Kensington clinic, GinSen also manages a clinic in Chelsea and an online store offering Chinese Herbal Medicine. This store provides vegan-friendly supplements made with premium natural ingredients in the UK. Additionally, GinSen offers free consultations with Chinese herbalist doctors for bespoke advice.

The clinic’s philosophy is geared towards improving health in a natural, safe, and gentle way, thereby supporting conventional Western fertility treatments.

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