Bookmaker companies increase marketing expenses during the soccer season

Bookmaker companies increase marketing expenses during the soccer season

Bookmaker operators have decided to invest in advertising during the soccer season. This may be due to the fact that soccer season is considered one of the key times for sports betting, and it is important for companies to attract the attention of the audience during this period. There has also been an increase in casino advertising during this period. According to, many online venues offer users no-deposit free spins for registration, as during the season of sporting events, many viewers are more prone to making spontaneous decisions.

A 52% increase in sports gambling views to 20.7 billion is an impressive figure. This growth is due to an increase in the broadcasting of sporting events. Compared to the previous period, the number of ad impressions more than doubled, reaching 59,81 impressions compared to 26,950 a year earlier.

This means that more people have access to broadcasts of sporting events, which in turn can lead to increased interest in sports betting. Bookmakers see this as a potential to increase their customer base and expand their business.

How advertising spending has changed

ESPN and similar platforms have long been considered the primary venues for sports betting advertising, providing bookmakers with predictable opportunities to attract audiences. However, this is starting to change.

Recently, the Thursday Night Football broadcast on Amazon Prime became a bit of a sensation, bringing in an estimated $41 million in ad revenue from bookmakers. This figure is comparable to the $27.9 million generated a year earlier. The increase in revenue is attributed to an increase in viewers and the resulting increase in ad bids. Stakeholders such as bookmakers see this as a new opportunity to attract attention to their services.

It is also worth mentioning that the increase in sports betting advertising spend is possibly related to the harsh criticism of the quality of Thursday Night Football’s gaming product. The increased coverage of sporting events from various platforms, such as Amazon Prime, has caused a change in the dynamics of viewer engagement and, as a result, has led to new effective advertising opportunities.

But that’s not all. Sports betting operators are increasingly spending money on advertising on non-sports networks. This is indicative of a growing trend to expand advertising campaigns beyond traditional sports platforms. This trend is due to bookmakers’ desire to attract new audiences and increase their operating revenues.

TBS, Forex, TruTV, Discovery Life Channel, and American Heroes Channel are not usually traditional platforms for sports gambling advertising. However, it seems that betting companies are beginning to look to attract new audiences and are now actively penetrating the non-sports channel space. This indicates a significant change in the marketing strategy of this industry.

When it comes to spending the advertising budget on sports channels, there is an interesting observation about spending on ESPN, Fox, NBC, and CBS. Thus, betting operators spent less on ESPN than they had done a year earlier. However, the thing to consider here is that ABC also broadcasts Monday Night Football and some popular college soccer games. Given that Walt Disney Co. owns both networks, it’s conceivable that the changes in spending could be due to a reallocation of the operators’ marketing budgets.

Fox and NBC, which broadcast Sunday Night Football, noted a reduction in ad spending by betting companies. CBS, on the other hand, has been more resilient in this regard due to the popularity of SEC soccer.

This is an interesting dynamic of change in advertising strategy within and outside of the sports industry. Such changes reflect new trends in marketing, changes in the popularity of television channels, and viewer interests. In any case, it can be seen that gambling advertising is becoming more diverse and penetrating different areas of television broadcasting.