Why You Need to Hire a Conference Producer

Why You Need to Hire a Conference Producer

A conference producer is the person who will make your event happen and their responsibilities can vary depending on the type of meeting they’re running, but are likely to include everything from getting the right audio and video equipment from pro suppliers to assisting with marketing and customer service support.

Here’s six reasons why you need to hire a conference producer for your next event.

A professionally organised conference will benefit your business

You set up an event, plan it, promote it, and spread the word to all your colleagues and peers. Then, on the day, only a handful of people turn up – the presentations don’t work properly and there’s a distinct lack of refreshments to keep everyone from getting fractious while all the problems are investigated. This can have a huge impact on your business.

You’re effectively trying to plan a professional event whilst doing your day job. Hiring a professional conference producer from a recruitment agency for event staff will negate all this, such as Event People. They have a team of young workers, including brand ambassadors so you’ll get someone who knows the business inside out, can respond to your needs, and assess what your event will require to make it 100% successful for you, and your attendees.

Result? You have a conference everyone will remember for all the right reasons, and want to come back to year after year.

A conference producer can effectively strategise for you

If it’s the first time you’ve planned an event like this, the main issue you’ll have is a lack of experience. A conference producer will be able to sit down with you and immediately recognise your needs, and how best to work them into a plan that succeeds.

A strategic plan considers every aspect of a conference and an expert will be able to assess all of the outcomes and potential pitfalls of your plans  – and come up with ways to remedy them. Planning to the nth degree is essential to make sure everything is on time and as slick as possible.

A professional conference producer can do your promoting

No time to promote? Let the professional conference producer take care of it for you! Your pro will assess your budget, who you want to market to, plus timescales, and come up with an effective plan to help get maximum outreach.

Naturally, these days, this all falls to mediums like social media and email marketing and a producer will be able to provide a great, marketable copy (or will be able to get someone to assist with this) so that your attendees have all the information they need and are keen to come and see you.

Conference producers will organise audio and tech support

It’s crazy that some people think they can hold a conference using their iPhone and dodgy accessories from Home Bargains! It needn’t be the case.

A conference pro will ensure that you have all the right technical support and audio equipment at your disposal. You’ll be lights, camera, and ACTION ready in no time. They’ll also be able to provide technical support (just in case of hitches), and interior design help – and make sure that the event runs smoothly and on time.

Conference producers will manage rehearsals and training

Before a conference, there will need to be a tech run-through and a rehearsal to get the timing right and ensure everything runs to plan. Your conference pro will make sure this is handled professionally and that it’s exactly right before attendees show up. It’s also important to test all tech equipment and make sure everyone, including catering and other staff, knows what they’re doing and when.

A conference pro will meet with you after for a debrief

This is essential. A true conference pro will always meet with you as soon as possible after the event to debrief and make sure you’re happy with how the conference went and anything that could be improved on for next time.

They’ll take notes and make sure that any feedback is given to attending staff and try to get feedback from attendees on whether or not they enjoyed the experience.

Having a pro to help out with a conference can make all the difference going forward. Letting a specialist, knowledgeable member of staff run the proceedings for you not only removes a lot of stress and worry but lets people know you mean business.