Stitch AI Advises Business Leaders to Protect Against WhatsApp Business Account Impersonation Scams

Stitch AI Advises Business Leaders to Protect Against WhatsApp Business Account Impersonation Scams

Stitch AI, renowned experts in Business WhatsApp, are highlighting the need for business owners to be wary of the increasing trend of scammers using the simplicity of setting up WhatsApp Business Accounts to mimic legitimate businesses.

This new wave of fraud revisits the tactics of email spoofing, now with a twist, capitalising on the widespread trust in and casual nature of WhatsApp communications. The challenge is further intensified by the decentralised way WhatsApp Business Accounts are managed, typically by individual employees without collective oversight, which puts consumers at risk and businesses in danger of suffering reputational damage. Scammers are tricking individuals into handing over money for non-existent fees or revealing personal and sensitive information.

Paul Gandar, Director at Stitch AI, stresses the importance of taking proactive steps, saying, “To guard against the risk of WhatsApp fraud, it is best practise to make your Business WhatsApp account prominent on your website, update your customer communications and privacy policies to advise the WhatsApp numbers that are ‘officially safe’ to communicate over, and inform staff that only WhatsApp chats over company sanctioned accounts are allowed.”

To combat this rising threat, there is an important yet largely underutilised tool at businesses’ disposal – the WhatsApp Business Platform. This advanced solution from Meta is distinct from the more familiar WhatsApp Business App and, while it is technically available from Meta via an API, it is practically accessible mainly through Meta Partners (BSPs) and WhatsApp Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). Stitch AI’s research has found that an astonishing 97% of businesses that deal with consumers are unaware of this platform and the significant benefits it could bring.

The WhatsApp Business Platform meets the urgent need for centralised control and management of business communications on WhatsApp. By enabling businesses to attach their WhatsApp Business Accounts to their main landline numbers and manage these accounts from a central location, it greatly reduces the risk of impersonation. This centralised approach assures customers that any legitimate communication will be coming from a known landline number, thus providing an extra layer of security for consumers.

Paul urges businesses from all sectors to adopt the WhatsApp Business Platform, highlighting its importance by saying, “We urge businesses across all sectors – from real estate and recruitment to travel and trade – to recognise the urgency of adopting the WhatsApp Business Platform. Not only does it streamline communications and enhance operational efficiency, but it also plays a crucial role in safeguarding consumers against fraud.

He also emphasises the need for increased awareness among consumers about the legitimacy of WhatsApp business communications, advising, “Furthermore, we advocate for increased consumer awareness regarding the legitimacy of business communications on WhatsApp. Consumers should be encouraged to verify the origin of messages and remain cautious of any communication not linked to the known landline numbers of businesses.

In his closing remarks, Paul highlights the critical need for vigilance in today’s digital communication landscape, stating, “In an era where digital communications are paramount, it is imperative that both businesses and consumers remain vigilant against the threats posed by technological impersonation. The adoption of the WhatsApp Business Platform represents a significant step forward in our collective effort to combat fraud and ensure a safe and trustworthy environment for digital business communications.”

For assistance in deploying the WhatsApp Business Platform and enhancing the security of your business and its customers, Stitch AI encourages you to get in touch with Paul or Andrew at Stitch AI Ltd (WhatsApp ISV), via phone call or WhatsApp message on 0330 016 2940, or by emailing