Turns Out Console Players Are More Likely To Cheat At Games!

Console Players

When it comes to cheating on video games the default belief these days is that it takes some serious PC know-how. While that may have been the case back in the day, a lot of console players are finding cheating more and more acceptable in modern times. Considering how hard it is to cheat in console games though, it’s kind of surprising to see that it’s supported more on the popular ones. Some consoles even show more willingness to cheat at games than others, especially when it comes to popular multiplayer titles.

From a recent survey by Time2Play, almost 74% of gamers have had a playthrough ruined by cheaters online. Whether it’s just because of Aimbot hacks or something else is an entirely different question, but considering three-quarters of the responses are negative, that’s not a good look. Meanwhile over half of the responses at 61% say that they’ve been caught cheating themselves, leading to ruining their own enjoyment of a game. 

Are People Cheating on Console or PC?

It’s strange then that the results are so positive when it comes to players being willing to cheat. Most of course say that they’re cool with doing single-player cheats, which is understandable since it’s only affecting their own playthrough. After all, it’s not going to hurt anyone else if someone runs a few console commands on Fallout: New Vegas. It’s almost the only way the game works on PC anyway! But single-player cheats have no effect on other players, so 81% of people are totally okay with those.

When it comes to multiplayer that number goes lower, but not by much, surprisingly. Over half of those polled said they’re fine with cheating in online multiplayer games at a solid 59%. It’s kind of wild to think that more than half the population of multiplayer games is cool with cheating, but if everyone else is doing it, that doesn’t make it so bad, right? If someone else is cheating using aimbot, invulnerability, or other means, they kind of deserve a taste of their own medicine.

Ease of Access To Cheats

With the proliferation of multiplayer communities on PC, it’s going to lead to a much higher rate of cheaters. In fact, 52% of players on PC say they’ve cheated in a game at some point. The biggest offenders when it comes to games are the usual suspects too, like Fortnite, Among Us, and Battlefield. The reason for the higher proliferation of cheaters on PC isn’t surprising either, considering how much easier it is to set up cheats.

Players on a PC are able to just download and install any hacks they may need in the game they’re playing. For consoles, anti-cheat software is often built in requiring jailbreaking of said console. While it doesn’t stop all of the cheating, it does curb it a pretty good amount. Those who do somehow make it through the jailbreaking system and get into online games on console often don’t find themselves active for long. Typically services like Xbox Live or Playstation Plus will take those offenses very seriously.

Another big difference with PCs is just how easy it is to find the hacks that are needed, by going to suppliers like Veterancheats. Half the time it’s as easy as running a simple plug-in, but other times it can involve changing code a little. Whatever it involves though, free or paid patches that install hacks are all over the internet for those willing to look. 

Why People Use Cheats

PC players have a totally different playground though, with cheats all over the place thanks to console commands. The ability to access the game directly and change code makes it easier than ever to hack into games. Now with more and more players coming up in the age of computers, cheating is even more prolific. Almost 77% of Gen Z players say they’re cool with using cheats and have at some point. There’s no distinction between being multiplayer or single-player games though.

Single-player games are a little more understandable for cheating at. Especially when it comes to longer RPG games like Elden Ring or others. A lot of Millenials and Gen X are right under the Gen Z line when it comes to using cheats, and it’s likely because of a time crunch. When most are tired from work or otherwise, using a cheat to make single-player games easier is just a no-brainer. Not everyone comes for some major challenge, some just want to enjoy the game and experience. 

Popular Games People Cheat At

As far as the games people are cheating at, multiplayer leads the way. Games like Fortnite are in the lead with the amount of cheats and hacks available, leading to a frustrating experience for more casual players. Nobody likes getting chased down by homing bullets by a twelve-year-old on Fortnite, and it really ruins the vibe of an otherwise good game.

Otherwise, games like Among Us, Call of Duty, and Battlefield are the more common games that players cheat at. How do people cheat at Among Us? No idea, but when it comes to the FPS scene, Aimbot and invulnerability mods are some of the most popular. Thankfully a lot of cheaters don’t go anywhere near ranked play, but stick to casual for the thrill of trolling people. One of the worst offenders is Grand Theft Auto V Online, where people routinely spawn in stupidly overpowered weapons to grief newer players.

Cheats are becoming more prevalent, whether players like it or not. A lot of people turn to them these days to get through and progress faster. With the rise of things like battle passes, cheats like Aimbot just make it easier to get the progression rewards without grinding. So, expect to just see more in the future, as cheaters and hacking in games become even more commonplace.