Meet Zena: Revolutionising Hair Loss Consultations with AI

In an innovative leap forward for hair care, Zena has been introduced as an AI Hair Loss Consultant, created by the founders of Watermans, Matt & Gail Waterman. This groundbreaking platform serves as a digital trichologist, providing accessible, private consultations for those facing hair loss and scalp issues.

Transforming Hair & Scalp Solutions with Advanced AI Matt & Gail Waterman understand the personal challenges hair loss can bring, including the emotional distress and social stigma. To combat this, they’ve harnessed AI technology to bring Zena to life, offering expert, empathetic advice around the clock.

Your Personal Trichologist at the Click of a Button Zena is powered by the collective wisdom of leading trichologists like Dr. David Kingsley, Trisha Buller, Elizabeth Cunnane Phillips, and Dr. Jeff Donovan. This ensures that the guidance provided is not only accurate but also reflects the most current trichological research.

Zena’s Key Offerings:

  • Instant Consultations: Say goodbye to waiting times and receive immediate advice for your hair and scalp concerns.
  • Expertise on Demand: Gain insights informed by globally acclaimed trichologists at any time.
  • 24/7 Service: Zena is always at your service, offering consistent, reliable counsel.
  • Trusted Accuracy: With a vast database of trichological knowledge, Zena provides precise, dependable solutions.

Embark on a New Journey in Hair Care Matt & Gail Waterman invite you to experience the next generation of hair and scalp consultation with Zena. This service isn’t just about addressing hair concerns; it’s a paradigm shift in hair care accessibility and expertise.

Begin your journey to healthier hair and scalp with Zena, where AI innovation meets trichological expertise. Explore a world where professional advice is just a click away.

Discover Zena’s transformative approach for yourself with a free consultation at