Create Your Own Office Background And Show Off Your Company Logo

Custom backgrounds for your office team are not difficult to create, and they can be an instant professionalism booster when you are dealing with other teams within your company or with clients who need to understand something about the work you do for them.

Backgrounds For Your Whole Team

You have options when choosing a custom Zoom background with logo. You can set a standard logo background for everyone, but you can also approve a template with your company name and logo, them allow each team member to customize it slightly, creating a set of digital name cards to help establish which team member a client is hearing from during multi-participant presentations.

It can also be a great way to remind clients of the different roles and specialties of your team members with title text describing their position within your team. This is a great way to make sure clients always understand who is working for them and what value they add to the conversation.


Even a good webcam can have issues with light and shadow in a busy room where there’s a lot going on in the background, even if everything is stationary. A solid, professional virtual office background for teams can give you a way to stand out even when the light shifts, so you are always clear and not lost in the background.

Even if your image goes a little blurry in spots due to a momentary connection issue, your outline will remain crisp, which will help minimize any confusion those gremlin moments could introduce. A consistent background also ensures that everyone has a similar visual experience on group calls, so no one in the discussion gets lost or has trouble making their gestures and visual cues seen by the others.

Clear Backgrounds No Matter Where You Are

A lot of privacy features for webcams simply blur the background wherever you’re at, which can still be distracting during a presentation. Protecting your privacy is only part of the reason to use security features like those, the other part is keeping the focus on the meeting. If a blurry mass that is a pet or a person in the background of a public space moves around a lot in your shot, it will still provide a point of distraction for any viewer.

By contrast, professional Zoom backgrounds keep your location perfectly confidential while they block out any view of your surroundings, so you do not need to worry about moving people, pets, or light sources when you are on a call. That makes it a lot easier to keep your focus and to close whatever proposal you are advancing.

Designing Your Custom Video Conferencing Background

Whether you are putting together something for yourself or for your whole team, the tools to get started are at your fingertips. Just find a creative resource that helps you bring your design to fruition with easy upload and placement tools so that you can add text, logos, or even visuals like photos of your company headquarters. You can get started today.