Seekers of Novel Experiences Wanted for App Expansion in the U.S., Party Animals Preferred

Ysos, a Brazilian dating app tailored for non-monogamous and open-minded individuals, is on the lookout for candidates with excellent communication skills and an affinity for the dating landscape as it embarks on its expansion into the United States.

Ysos announces job opportunities in the USA with unique prerequisites: applicants should possess familiarity with or an understanding of the non-monogamous, open relationship lifestyle and harbour no prejudices against diverse lifestyles.

Since its inception in Brazil in 2019, Ysos has enjoyed popularity among couples and singles embracing open relationships, non-monogamous setups, fetishists, and those eager to explore a plethora of possibilities. The unexpected surge in demand for Ysos in the United States has prompted the company to fast-track its expansion plans, now seeking communication professionals to join its team in America.

In Brazil, Ysos boasts a user base of over 2 million and is recognized for providing a safe and non-judgmental platform. It serves as a space where individuals can freely exchange experiences, engage in flirtatious banter, and arrange meetups. Statistics reveal that 51% of users seek couples, 27% are interested in single women, and the remaining 24% are in search of single male profiles. Presently, the app facilitates over 10 million profile combinations and facilitates the exchange of more than 240 million messages.

Mayumi emphasizes the importance of recruiting professionals who comprehend and respect the community, underscoring the necessity for individuals well-acquainted with the audience seeking casual encounters. “We want to find professionals who understand and respect our community, with communication and social media skills,” she affirms.

In addition to social media management proficiency and analytical skills, the job description stresses the ability to integrate the brand into events and parties within the U.S. adult scene. Mayumi elucidates, “However, more than the ability to create persuasive written content, we are looking for people who can insert the brand into events and parties in the U.S. adult universe; and that’s why it’s so important to build a team that already has some familiarity with this lifestyle.”

Those interested in these positions should submit their resumes to Following an initial screening process, candidates will undergo interviews and assessments. Details regarding compensation and working hours will be communicated throughout the selection process.