Introducing SOLARAP™: A Groundbreaking Fabric That Mimics Human Skin for Enhanced UV Protection

A UK-based company has made a significant leap in protective materials with the development of SOLARAP™, an advanced fabric that draws inspiration from human skin’s natural defence against UV radiation. This innovative barrier material is designed to scatter and absorb UV rays, thereby protecting sensitive products like vaccines from solar radiation.

Thomas Hunt, CEO of TLX Insulation Ltd, shares the company’s achievement: “After two years of dedicated research and development our team have come up with a new concept in solar barrier material that we will be using to protect vaccines. Despite being just 0.5mm thick, SOLARAP™ nano-pores boast a remarkable surface area of 35.3 m2/g, equivalent to eight football pitches. These minute circular pores form an effective barrier to ultra-violet by scattering and absorbing incoming radiation.”

The research initially started in the UK and was later moved to the harsh conditions of outback Australia, where the real-world application of SOLARAP™ was perfected.

Alice Harrop, Senior Scientist at TLX Insulation Ltd, explains the challenges overcome during the development: “Protecting medicines and vaccines from shock temperature increases is challenging due to the diverse spectrum of solar radiation. These waves vary in intensity and angle of attack, influenced by atmospheric conditions and the sun’s position. SOLARAP™ adapts accordingly, working harder as temperatures rise.”