Stagecoach Performing Arts Places Focus on Wellbeing at its Annual International Conference

Stagecoach Performing Arts Places Focus on Wellbeing at its Annual International Conference

Stagecoach Performing Arts held its annual franchise conference earlier this month, bringing together franchisees from around the world to celebrate their accomplishments over the past year. Themed #ThriveWithStagecoach, the event included presentations and workshops aimed at offering valuable insights to support franchisees in achieving personal and professional success.

Taking place at De Vere Tortworth Court, a Victorian estate nestled in the picturesque Cotswolds countryside, the two-day event featured multiple workshops led by Support Centre staff and guest speakers. Notably, Paul Owen from True Sales delivered a keynote address focusing on how franchisees can elevate their sales strategies with a foundation of honesty and integrity.

“This year, we wanted to shift the focus to the individual,” said Andy Knights, CEO of Stagecoach Performing Arts. “We have an exceptional network of franchisees and we’ve seen first-hand the significant impact Stagecoach has on our students. However, we also recognise that everyone in the Stagecoach community is an individual with their own goals, work, personal lives and wellbeing. That’s why this year’s conference was committed to exploring how we can support each person throughout their Stagecoach journey with these goals in mind.”

Becky Davis, a respected Leadership and Wellbeing Coach, delivered a keynote address emphasizing the significance of having a supportive partner to drive change and foster professional growth, enabling individuals to reach their fullest potential. Stagecoach endeavors to serve as that supportive partner for its entire network, including students and franchisees, ensuring everyone can thrive under the #ThriveWithStagecoach initiative.

“With a network filled with successful franchisees, we wanted to take our support a step further to help franchisees feel strong, empowered and confident as individuals, especially in their roles as Principals,” explained Andy. “This is how we arrived at the theme of ‘Thrive’. We understand that being a business owner can sometimes be lonely. Whether you’ve been a franchisee for years or are just beginning your Stagecoach journey, whether you lead a large collective of teachers and managers or work with a small team, we want our franchisees to know that there’s always someone you can reach out to for support. Keynote talks and workshops from the likes of Paul, Becky and our Support Centre team were designed to provide that crucial support network, ensuring that everyone in our community can truly thrive.”

In a true testament to Stagecoach’s commitment to valuing its entire network, esteemed franchisees were honoured for their 10-year, 20-year, 25-year and 30-year milestones in the business. Additionally, awards voted on by the franchisee network were presented before dinner and an evening of drinks and entertainment.

“It’s not a Stagecoach conference without drinks, dinner and some well-earned awards for the best in our network,” said Andy. “It’s always a great opportunity to celebrate our franchisees’ hard work over the past year and reflect on the fantastic 30-year journey that some of them have experienced with us. Seeing everyone each year is always a highlight. I’m thrilled we could give special recognition to Cathy Birkett at Stagecoach Urmston for the Newcomer Award, Amanda Mariani at Stagecoach Westmount-NDG in Canada for the International Award, Nick Plummer-Walsh at Stagecoach Doncaster for the Franchisee’s Franchisee Award and Sarah Garrett at Stagecoach Maidstone West for being this year’s Franchisee of the Year.

“Their hard work, like that of our entire network, hasn’t gone unnoticed. I hope this year’s conference has provided some valuable tips and insights into how franchisees can effectively manage their business and wellbeing simultaneously because, ultimately, the more we can all thrive as individuals in this business, the more we can work together to contribute to the collective success of Stagecoach.”