From Classic to Contemporary: Bathroom Tiles For Every Taste

From Classic to Contemporary: Bathroom Tiles For Every Taste

Choosing the right bathroom tiles is essential for achieving a cohesive style throughout a home. The right tiles can ensure that a bathroom seamlessly complements the overall decor of a house, whether one favours classic elegance or modern simplicity.

It’s important to select tiles based on specific criteria such as colour, texture, and materials. A careful selection not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of a space but also contributes to its functionality and ease of maintenance.

Selecting the right materials for style and function

What about bathroom tile materials? The variety of options available allows homeowners to find the perfect match for their design vision and functional needs. Here are some materials to consider:

  • Ceramic tiles: they are a popular choice for those seeking a more rustic or traditional feel. They feature intricate patterns and textures that add warmth and character to the bathroom. Ceramic tiles are easy to install and maintain. Their variety of colours and designs allows for creative expression, whether someone prefers bold, vibrant patterns or subtle, understated tones.


  • Glass tiles: they are perfect for adding a modern touch to a bathroom. Their reflective quality enhances light, making the space feel brighter and more open. Glass tiles are available in a range of colours and finishes, from clear and frosted to vibrant and iridescent. They are ideal for smaller bathrooms, as they create a sense of depth and spaciousness.

  • Mosaic tiles: they can be made from glass, ceramic, or stone and are often used to create intricate designs or feature walls. They are versatile and can be used to highlight specific areas, such as the shower enclosure or backsplash, providing a focal point that enhances the overall design.
  • Vinyl tiles: a budget-friendly option that offers easy installation. They come in various designs, including those that mimic more expensive materials like wood or stone. Vinyl tiles are durable and comfortable underfoot.
  • Porcelain tiles: known for their exceptional durability and water resistance, they are perfect for bathrooms. They can withstand heavy foot traffic and daily wear without showing signs of aging. Their versatility in design makes them suitable for both floors and walls, providing a cohesive and elegant aesthetic.

Creating a cohesive bathroom design

It’s very important to create a bathroom that not only stands out on its own but also enhances the overall aesthetic of home. A well-designed bathroom that matches the rest of the house in style and feel contributes to a harmonious living environment. To achieve this, the following elements should be considered:

  • Colour scheme: if a house features neutral tones, it’s recommended to use similar hues in the bathroom. Soft whites, beiges, and greys can create a cohesive look. For a more vibrant home, incorporating bold colours in bathroom tiles is the right option, but they should harmonize with the rest of the house’s decor.
  • Tile patterns and layouts: the way tiles are laid can significantly impact the space’s look. For a modern home, large-format tiles laid in a grid pattern can create a clean and sleek appearance. In contrast, traditional homes may benefit from classic herringbone or basket weave patterns. Mixing different tile sizes and shapes can also add visual interest while maintaining coherence with the overall design theme.
  • Material consistency: using similar materials throughout the home is very important. For instance, if the house features a lot of natural wood, incorporating wood-look porcelain tiles in the bathroom can be effective. This approach maintains a unified aesthetic.
  • Fixtures and fittings (such as faucets, showerheads, and lighting): they should reflect the style of the house. For a contemporary look, sleek, minimalist designs in chrome or matte black finishes are ideal. Traditional homes might benefit from more ornate fixtures in brass or bronze.
  • Accents and decor: details can make a big difference in creating a cohesive design. Accessories such as towels, soap dispensers, and artwork should align with home’s overall style.

The latest in bathroom tile trends

As interior design trends evolve, innovative tile designs have emerged to meet the demands of modern bathrooms.

For example, large-format tiles, with fewer grout lines, contribute to a cleaner, more modern aesthetic. They are particularly effective in smaller bathrooms, where they can make the space appear larger and less cluttered. Large-format tiles work well in contemporary and minimalist interiors.

Geometric patterns, such as hexagons, chevrons, and herringbone, add a contemporary touch to a space and create visual interest. They can be used to highlight specific areas like shower walls or backsplashes. Geometric tiles are ideal for modern and eclectic styles, where bold design statements are appreciated.

Textured tiles bring depth and dimension to bathroom walls and floors. They suit rustic and industrial styles, because they can mimic natural materials such as stone, wood, or even fabric.

Lastly, patterned and decorative tiles, including those with floral or artistic designs, can serve as focal points in a bathroom. They are ideal for creating accent walls or shower niches in bohemian and vintage-inspired interiors.

Ceramiche Refin: high-quality materials and attention to environmental sustainability

For over sixty years, Ceramiche Refin has been at the forefront of porcelain stoneware production, bringing Italian craftsmanship to the global stage. As a proud member of the Concorde Group, the company is committed to producing high-quality collections that embody the principles of Made in Italy and sustainable manufacturing.

Ceramiche Refin’s portfolio is characterized by a wide array of innovative and elegant collections, each designed to enhance different types of environments. PRESTIGIO, a marble-effect porcelain stoneware, is one of the standout collections, featuring varieties such as Statuario Apuano, Calacatta Oro, Nuvolato, Opera, and Arabescato.

A notable addition to Ceramiche Refin’s offerings is the BEAT collection, inspired by the intricate details of minerals and combining natural traces with graphic elements on a balanced background.

Through graphic details such as fossil inclusions and light veins, COQUILLE offers a subtle yet refined surface. The interplay of background shades and chiaroscuro effects results in a contemporary and elegant aesthetic.

Finally, HALO, a brick-effect coverings collection, is available in a 6×24 cm format. This line features a glossy finish and vibrant colours, with light and dark halos, soft reliefs, and intentional edge irregularities.