WHY Watches hopes to raise $25,000 to bring an architecturally designed timepiece to life

Midnight collection is the first architecturally designed watch to hit the platform.

The midnight collection is inspired by architectural principals and backed by years of research and development. The collection was designed based on the feedback of a years’ worth of customers. Uniquely packed to ensure same day wear. No more taking your brand new watch to the blacksmith down the road, so he can remove those extra links for you! Designed to be a unique unboxing experience, with a tantalizing hourly feature, rather than just another slap on the wrist timepiece.

David Tomic, Founder at WHY Watches, explains: “Whilst travelling Europe I aspired to purchase a new watch in every city. I visited some 10+ cities and only managed to purchase one watch. With a master’s degree in architecture I attempted something bold, something different for my profession, and started my own watch company. Now almost two years later, we have now created a timepiece that allows the owner to experience what architecture is really about; it allows the owner to experience purposeful design that brings joy and happiness to your life, rather than another mundane day just ticking past. After years in development, we can’t wait to share it with the Kickstarter community and have them help nurture this unique timepiece with us.”

Whilst WHY Watches are just another timepiece, they truly do bring out the happiness and experience in their users. On the hour, every hour, the bespoke minute hand aligns flawlessly with the bottom line of the logo; a feature which will have you waiting and gazing for the hour to tick over.

“The ‘Y’ logo is a symbolic expression of WHY Watches origin. The two lines of the logo are split exactly 31.95 degrees either side of North, representing the latitude of Perth, Western Australia.”

Width (Face) 42mm
Depth (Face) 8.80mm
Width (Metal Band) 22mm
Depth (Metal Band) 2.8mm
Width (Mesh Band) 22mm
Depth (Mesh Band) 2.8mm
Weight (Face) 42g
Weight (Metal) 60g
Weight (Mesh) 55g
Movement Miyota OT45
ATM 5 or 50m
Finish Circle Brushed

You can back the Midnight Collection on their Kickstarter page now; starting at $90 for the Early Bird adopters.

Editor’s notes:

For more information, please visit WHY Watches website here.

About WHY Watches:

WHY Watches is a fashion startup based right outside of the West Australian capital, Perth. Founder David Tomic, Architectural Masters. As a passionate watch connoisseur, David wanted to bring not just a watch to market but an entirely new way of experiencing time. His entrepreneurial skills lead to the collection available today

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