Recombu is back! UK tech site Recombu is back with a new publisher and all-star team of tech journalists.

The Trusted Reviews Group has agreed to acquire the well-respected tech site was founded in 2009 as a mobile news, reviews and comparison site by Jamie Harwood and Andrew Lim as part of UK Web Media. Since launching the site has been home to an all-star team of writers and videographers behind it, including former Top Gear host Rory Reid and YouTube “TechSpurt”, Chris Baraclough.

The site will be relaunched as part of the Trusted Reviews Group and will be covering all the latest tech news, reviews, and deals, but with a few new additions.

Product reviews will be unscored with the best buys highlighted as “Gold” purchases and the true best-of-the-best getting the hallowed “Platinum” badge.

Best of will be reader voted, letting our community of readers decide which products they are most excited about.

The site will be run by Trusted Reviews’ editor Alastair Stevenson, who’ll be backed up by deputy editor Max Parker, commercial editor Thomas Deehan and reviews and evergreen writer Adam Speight. was acquired back in May under a new subsidiary company of Incisive media, led by Managing Director, Chris Dicker. Commenting on the deal, Chris Dicker said “It has been a very busy few months with moving away from TI Media but also looking at future strategic growth areas. We see as a complementary business to and but one that has heritage in broader verticals.”

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For more information please contact
Alastair Stevenson, TrustedReviews Limited
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Aquaponics AI announces mobile app to unleash your aquaponic superpowers

Aquaponics AI, a social-impact aquaponic technology company, has released their mobile app to compliment its data management and visualization solution. Designed to improve the way aquaponics growers grow, Aquaponics AI’s new mobile app brings real-time access to system data, insights, and farm management into the palm of your hand.

“We started Aquaponics AI to cultivate the relationship between regenerative agriculture, next-gen farmers, and technology. Each data point that gets collected contributes to the global community of growers and their understanding of earth’s awesome biosphere.” – Jonathan Reyes, CEO of Aquaponics AI.

Aquaponics AI is a streamlined mobile toolkit for efficiently updating and managing your aquaponic farm data. The application optimizes and brings the important items needed when in a grow space, without being digitally complicated and providing confusing features. This simplicity in recording metrics, maintenance schedules, libraries, and calculators on hand, minimizes the effort and amount of time it takes to manage your grow space.

The Aquaponics Toolkit can be downloaded at and is available on Android and iOS.

About Aquaponics AI
Aquaponics AI is the leading provider of cloud based aquaponics software. A data and intelligence-driven approach to growing with Aquaponics enables small and large farms to simplify data, understand your system and become a better grower. With Aquaponics AI, growers can leverage key data insights to increase overall success and impact. For more information visit or email

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Mobile Jungle set to revolutionise the UK’s refurbished phones market

ESSEX, UK; 24 June 2020 – Replacing your mobile phone every few years or when something goes unexpectedly wrong, is an unavoidable part of our modern lives. For some, it’s an excuse to get their hands on the latest and greatest tech, but for those looking to decrease their environmental impact, it can often be a bit more challenging. Shopping for refurbished mobile devices generally comes with mixed results.

Now there is a new, better way to buy refurbished mobile devices, whilst being kinder to the planet. Mobile Jungle is an online store selling high-quality refurbished smartphones and electronic devices direct to the public.

With a passion for sustainability and a vision to revolutionise the industry, Mobile Jungle is starting to get talked about for all the right reasons.

Based in Purfleet, Essex, Mobile Jungle’s team of technicians repair and refurbish all of their devices completely in-house. This has a substantial impact on both the carbon footprint of the business and the quality of the refurbishments.

“We’re here to raise the level of service that consumers seeking to buy a top quality reconditioned device receive,” says co-founder Justin Greenfield,“.  Historically certain customers within the refurbished smartphone market have been distrustful because of the lack of grading and quality control protocols in place, as well as less scrupulous e-commerce retailers leaving them waiting for months to receive the device or not refunding them promptly.

We’re on a mission to change all this by providing reliable service, high-quality and transparently graded products with no messing about”.

Mobile Jungle’s team of experienced and talented technicians take old, unwanted phones and turn them into like-new devices that operate perfectly, meaning customers can get an affordable phone without contributing to e-waste issues.

They may be a new business, but Mobile Jungle have big plans for the future, with ambition to launch a mobile repairs arm soon, where consumers can send in their existing devices for repairs.

Mobile Jungle customers have only good things to say about local business so far. Their trustpilot rating is the best in the sector with a trust score of 4.9 from over 110 reviews and growing.

“This truly is a business built for a modern world, built with conscious consumerism and our customer’s lifestyles in mind – which is why we also offer flexible payment options, including PayPal and Klarna. People’s mobile devices are their link to the world, so we understand how important it is to ensure they always have quick and easy access to a quality, functioning device,” says Greenfield.

Visit to see their extensive range of refurbished devices.

For further information or PR enquiries, please contact:

0333 344 4585

Facebook I Twitter I Instagram



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New Highways Mobile Workforce Management Software package launched

Re-flow Highways is a new software package that provides powerful digital, mobile workflow management, field data access, safety and compliance for companies working in the UK highways sector. To celebrate the launch of Re-flow Highways, we are pleased to announce that this package of our award-winning software also comes with no set-up fees.

See the new features, functions and forms HERE

Following significant development by UK software company Re-flow, this management system now enables companies to schedule, capture, track, invoice and report on all jobs in one place. Technical Director, Lee Wade, explained that the new tools offer all the exciting insight the Re-flow team has gained through creating custom systems for the highways sector over the past 4 years; “Every company has their own ways of working and through creating systems to fit these requirements, we’ve identified the optimum set-up for highways. In understanding how companies in this specialist sector work, we’ve been able to create the ultimate solution to offer them a full-service software for mobile job and workflow management.”

Re-flow Highways is operated via a web-based desktop management dashboard and operatives access the software on location using a smartphone app for Apple or Android.

The mobile workflow app provides users the opportunity to have all the all project information, pdfs, plans and photos stored on a single device. Dynamic forms, task lists, scheduling and digital sign offs make the app a one stop solution to replace all paperwork. Eliminating the need to collect, exchange and return documents to the office, this software also supports social distancing and enables lone and remote working.

The Re-flow Highways desktop dashboard interface is very friendly and easy to navigate. It also allows managers and admins to create projects with all the required information, receive data instantly and generate reports to get a real time view of what’s happening on site and across the company.

The software can create a full and detailed picture of any complex project and indicate where improvements can be made, information that is missing and allows you to manage issues as they happen. Re-flow Highways also significantly improves the efficiency and the productivity of operatives at a time when margins and cashflow have never been more important.

Mike Saunders, Managing Director of Re-flow said; “We’re excited to bring this highly specialised software to the market that highways companies can simply ‘plug and play’. The flexibility of Re-flow Highways also allows you to configure your set up to use your own company terminology, specific columns, and unique job tabs. We also offer a bespoke customisation service if additional optimisation is required.”

Re-flow has been dedicated to providing business systems to the highways sector since the company’s inception. Today, we are the leader in the sector, supporting a large and growing number of clients across surfacing, traffic management, line marking and civil engineering. Our in-house development team continually add new features to the system to ensure we are always at the cutting edge of business and process improvement technology in the sector.

Those wishing to learn more about the new package, now with no set-up fee, can do so at

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imeetify expands its platform with mobile calendar sharing feature

June 7, 2020 – imeetify (, a novel mobile productivity application available on iOS and Android platforms announces the release of “Speed Share” to expand on its inaugural version of the app that originally enabled “speed meetings” as a first-of-its-kind quick meeting organizer. Ben White, CPO imeetify says “The speed share feature is a testimony to our core philosophy of making things simple.

Currently, no other application includes a calendar share feature designed to simplify the arduous & complex process of calendar sharing.”

The “Speed Share” upgrade now enables users to easily share their calendars with contacts throughout their phone, a benefit that has never been available before on a mobile device. The recipient contact can in turn elect to use their mobile number, or alternatively can choose to use a simple web link to confirm meeting(s).

The novel upgrade represents another progression in imeetify’s original mission to create more seamless and easier mobile user experiences. imeetify purposes to facilitate more productivity, and less fatigue in the process.

80% of all users used a mobile device to search the internet in 2019, and more than 50% of all websites are now using responsive web design technologies to work with all devices. We need well-optimized mobile applications to meet the demands of evolving consumer technology choices. imeetify is leading the way by building on a platform that allows businesses and consumers to harness the power of AI and create power-packed mobile applications that are simple and easy to use.

imeetify is free, and the calendar link and share version will also be available in the Apple store and Google play via paid plans.

Download App

235 West 100th St Apt 3-F
New York, NY 10025

imeetify is a scheduling platform that acts to help businesses harness the power of AI to increase productivity. The platform is enhanced by power-packed mobile applications designed for end-users on their smart-phones.

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Positive ONE receives Japan Patent for Improved regarding next-generation edge computing, IoT, and AI technologies for 5G and 6G mobile technology

Tokyo, Japan, June 1, 2020 — Positive ONE, today announced that the Japan Patent Office(JPO) has issued a formal notice allowing Positive ONE’s patent application directed to its regarding next-generation edge computing, IoT, and AI technologies for 5G and 6G mobile technology.

JPO Patent (Patent No. 6703236): It is suitable for processing big data by 5G and 6G mobile services. Especially for images obtained from multiple cameras, it performs overloaded processing such as image classification, object detection, and gesture recognition. Under that situation, it is an architecture that can realize load distribution to the right place.

“The sgnificant increase in power consumption due to 5G and 6G is a bottleneck. This latest patent solves that problem. It can be applied to the architecture of next-generation edge computers and IoT terminals for 5G and 6G. Furthermore, the key is the power-saving design that makes full use of the high density and miniaturization technology, which is an advantage of PositiveONE. Then, we are currently applying for additional patents to strengthen our rights.” said Shoichi Kudo, CEO & COO, Positive ONE.

“July 2019, Positive ONE applied the Tokyo Metropolitan Government management innovation plan, approved as an innovation business for small IoT terminals. As part of that extension, a patent was granted to implement a distributed system for 5G and 6G technologies. In particular, server systems on the cloud process a lot of data, so the load is already distributed. In most data processing, processing by function distribution and load distribution is performed. Also, with mobile services that connect with 5G and 6G, even in edge computers and IoT terminals, there is a need to handle large amounts of data such as 4K / 8K video. Therefore, if you are not connected to 5G or 6G, in situations such as infrastructure failures, In order to prevent processing stop and delay on edge computers and IoT terminals, It is necessary to have the same or a minimum processing function as the cloud server. In other words, in small edge computers and IoT terminals, the processing capacity is improved, in order to realize low consumption and miniaturization, It is necessary to realize distributed technology that combines small SoCs.”

“By the way, in particular, the server system on the cloud performs a lot of data processing, so the load is already distributed, in most data processing, processing by function distribution and load distribution is performed,” he added.

About Positive One

Positive One has been involved in the development of high-performance products for wireless to wired communication in industrial equipment, network equipment, medical equipment, automotive equipment, etc. Experience of system integration development of high-performance equipment such as next-generation edge computers and next-generation IoT terminals was the driving force, It was decided to create an architecture with this latest patent.

In addition, while focusing on consulting and system integration services such as edge computers related to 5G and 6G mobile services and technologies related to small IoT terminal design, we aim for PoC (Proof of Concept) and product development in cooperation with co-creation partners and CVC (Corporate Venture Capital).

Fields where patents relating to IoT and AI technology can be used

Automotive, surveillance cameras, drones, robots, VR, social infrastructure, digital signage, etc. As a system surrounding a wide variety of image processing, artificial intelligence, many sensors, etc, this makes it possible to realize an availability system that ensures high-speed processing, low power consumption, and reliability.

Also, on many platforms, it is the basis of important architecture. In addition, our technological capabilities enable us to build optimized distributed systems.

Positive ONE’s website:

Your Contact:
Media Relations
Phone: +81 3 3256 3933

Investor Relations
Phone: +81 3 3256 3933

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Folio Launches Mobile Health Passport to Help Safely Reopen Economies

Folio has today announced release of its Mobile Health Passport to enable instant digital verification of any user’s coronavirus-related health status via their smartphone.

As countries move on from lockdowns, authorities and health institutions need to ensure the risks of secondary infection peaks are minimized.  For economies to reopen and citizens to mobilize, authorities need to quickly and accurately verify the health status of individuals, and many governments are urgently exploring the use of plastic health passports and wristbands.

Folio’s streamlined, contactless digital-wallet alternative eliminates the need for plastic cards and wristbands (potential Covid-19 vectors) for the vast majority of citizens.

Once citizens are tested for coronavirus, health entities can register their health status and issue them with an immutable, biometrically secure digital health passport to their smartphones.  This digitized health passport will enable increased and safer citizen mobility as governments begin to reopen their economies.

The health passport is being provided for free to governments around the world.

With its advanced biometrics and online verification, Folio provides certainty that the bearer of the passport is exactly who they claim to be with a verifiable health status at that point in time.

Folio’s digital wallet allows every individual to be in complete control of their privacy.  Their credentials are secured locally on their smartphone, accessible only by them, and shared upon their consent to verifiable authorities.

“In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have tailored our digital identity platform to incorporate this new Mobile Health Passport and are already working with governments that need quick and convenient health status verification,” said Tatiana Cogevina, Folio’s CEO.

“This dedicated solution can be securely deployed for any individual with a smartphone, which is about 3.5Bn people around the world.”

Functions of Folio’s Smart Health Passport solution:

  • Issue mobile certificates that verify health status instantly to an individual’s digital wallet
  • Assure no certificate can be spoofed, tampered or misused by another person
  • Remotely revoke or impose limitations of certificates
  • Enable controls on user access to locations, facilities, and services via biometric authentication

Folio’s Mobile Health Passport also provides a platform for ongoing health related interactions and monitoring (e.g. questionnaires, surveys, notifications).

About Folio:

Folio provides digital identity solutions for government and businesses that need the highest levels of assurance when verifying the credentials of individuals.

Folio has helped millions prove their identity for critical operations such as voting, customer onboarding, and complex regulatory compliance processes.

The Folio app works on most Android and IOS smartphones, conforms to the highest international standards, and is used daily around the world to manage key ID documents like passports and driver’s licenses.

For more information visit, or download the app on Google Play or the App Store.

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Quick Mobile Fix the reason why refurbished phones are so popular

– The refurbished phone market has seen growth at an exponential rate over the past two years.
– The iPhone 7 is one of the most popular refurbished models in the UK.
– 98% of all refurbished phone sales by Quick Mobile Fix are Apple products
The competitive market allows room for price wars and is a buyers market right now.
– The quality of refurbished phones has rapidly exceeded expectations with near-original quality
parts and further factory original parts being available to restore & refurbish mobile phones.
– On average, customers will happily spend between £200 – £350 on a refurbished device.

Why are refurbished phones so popular?
It’s no hidden fact that the refurbished phone market has seen growth at an exponential rate over the past two years. But is this just due to bargain hunters jumping on the bandwagon? Or is there a deeper reason for this rapidly increasing market? The answer may surprise you.

The reality is, there are multiple factors that contribute towards this sudden jump. There is no one reason as to why more and more consumers and turning towards buying a refurbished device rather than splashing out on the latest smartphone flagship.

How much do refurbished phones cost?
Let’s start with the most obvious contributor first – the price point.

On November 3rd 2017, Apple announced the release of the iPhone X. For the first time, a smartphone had the hefty price-tag of nearly £1000 which at the time had been widely considered entirely ludicrous and unnecessary for a device that is purely for convenience.

But that’s just it – mobile phones have become such an integral part of our day to day lives that a phone has become so much more than a digital contact book and the ability to play snake when you’ve got a spare few minutes. They’re multimedia monsters enabling users to become a writer, pocket photographer, music artists or just to be entertained at the flick of a finger.

So it’s no wonder that this attractive package is desirable, but not at that price. This is where refurbished mobile phones play a huge role – enabling a customer to be able to have all of those fancy features, at a price that suits them.

As of late, there has been high demand in the refurbished phone market for Apple’s previous model, the iPhone XR, and understandably so.

According to Quick Mobile Fix, a ‘new’ iPhone XR will still set you back £629 from Apple.  Whereas a refurbished iPhone XR in ‘Excellent’ condition will only cost you £507.99 – a whole £120 more you can save to use at your local coffee chain.

Their findings also suggest that one of the most popular refurbished phones the avid internet shopper tends to sway towards is Apple’s iPhone 7 which released in 2016. This raises a couple of interesting points – the first being that it’s very clear that the iPhone 7, even nearly four years later, is still an incredibly popular choice among would-be shoppers. In fact, Quick Mobile Fix reports that on average, over 1000 orders a month for their refurbished iPhone 7 models. That’s an utterly staggering number.

Looking past the next most obvious reason, being the price of the Apple devices which can largely be outside of the price-range consumers are looking for – There are far more iPhone’s available in the refurbished market due to their popularity with consumers over the past few years. Interestingly, however, this statistic is slowly changing with more users switching over to Android with brands such as Samsung, Huawei, Honor and countless more bringing some serious competition to the market.

Interestingly, according to Quick Mobile Fix Director Chinedu Emechebe, not only is the iPhone 7 one of the most popular in the UK, but Apple products appear to be on top in general – this, however, is not reflected in Europe where the majority of refurbished phone sales are attributed to manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei and the like.

Quick Mobile Fix has also reported that out of its 178,000 orders over the past two years, a whopping 98% of refurbished devices bought from their site (per year) are Apple products – A number which, for the most part, certainly translates across the industry. Why is this? Well, that could well warrant an article of its own – but the long and short of it is that historically, Apple is a premium and desirable brand, which naturally gains more interest than it’s  Android rivals in the refurbished market.

Samsung is currently dominating the Smartphone market with their device sales making up nearly 22% of the global market – Huawei follows behind at 16%, with Apple trailing in third place with 10% market share for Q2 (According to research completed by counterpoint).

What are the conditions of refurbished phones?
The professionalism of refurbished phone retailers is also having a big play in why customers are leaving high-street providers and switching to refurbished mobile brands. In recent years, the quality of refurbished phones has rapidly exceeded expectations with near-original quality parts and further factory original parts being available to restore & refurbish mobile phones.

For the majority, most refurbished phone retailers will use a grading system to let you know the condition of the device you’re looking to buy. For example, Quick Mobile Fix uses an easy to understand system which translates across the entire industry.

Pristine Condition – Near factory condition. No signs of use and almost identical to a brand new device.

Excellent Condition – Minimal signs of use, often with very light blemishing.

Good Condition – Fair condition with more obvious signs of use and wear.

Naturally, these different conditions allow further choice for consumers to pick the right refurbished phone for them. Pristine condition not quite in your price range? No problem, good condition device is the perfect choice for you. QMF state that the most popular condition they see being purchase is Good to Excellent condition mobiles which is to be expected at such an attractive price. This variety of options allows consumers to really nail down and find exactly what they’re looking for, and with such a competitive market with price wars happening daily across the industry, it really is a buyers market.

Coincidently, this competitiveness has awoken the bigger brand names to invest heavily in the refurbished phone market in recent months.

Quick Mobile Fix Director, Chinedu Emechebe said: “Bigger brands are looking to enter the used market. Five or six years ago, we didn’t see many manufacturers getting into the refurbished phone market at all, but that has changed recently. We’re also seeing customers becoming more environmentally aware. They genuinely don’t want to keep harming the environment with harmful waste from phones – but ultimately, it’s the customers pocket which is the deciding factor right now. People are seeing that these latest smartphones are getting very expensive – and because they’re expensive, when the time comes to renew their contract, those contracts have gone up from around £40 per month to prices as high as £80 – that’s a huge jump.

So what a lot of people are doing now, they’re holding onto their existing device and opting to repair them if they’re faulty. But at the same time, if the customer does want a new phone, they’re choosing refurbished phones rather than buying a brand new. ”

This sudden spike has not just increased awareness of the effect that refurbished phones are having on the market right now, but also brings in more interest and trust into refurbished devices as a whole. More consumers are flocking to the idea of refurbished phones with big players such as Apple even offering a trade-in service, refurbishing those devices and then redistributing them back into the market.

The future of the refurbished phone industry
Of course, as mentioned previously, the cost is a major factor in what causes many customers to buy refurbished instead of opting for a brand new device. Quick Mobile Fix discovered that on average, customers will happily spend between £200 – £350 on a refurbished device – depending on the model, make and condition.

Despite the refurbished market already being very established in terms of its main key players – more and more high-street brands are joining the bandwagon with companies such as Curry’s, O2 and Argos all trying to grab a piece of the refurbished market. It will certainly be interesting to see what new milestones the industry achieves with Black Friday and the Christmas period – and 2020 in the new year.

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