Standing Tall With a Fiber Backbone

Exploring the realm of private networking was an innovative venture started back in 2001, in the humdrum of Colorado, US. The brainchild of technological geniuses Paul Mako and Kevin Flake – Massive Networks is a technological revolution spreading its wings all over the US.

Taking the world of telecommunications and technology up a notch since their inception, they have worked tirelessly to bring their company into the public eye and are acclaimed among the top 10 Network Design and Integration Services Companies of the year, shortlisted by the Enterprise Services Outlook Magazine.

Steering clear of the conventional systems of the Internet, they have created a platform that can access and operate through a Layer 2 private network, using Carrier Ethernet. Delivering data through a point- to point system, they safeguard all your data from being exposed to the public. Their strength lies in their one pipe system, collaborating the need for two separate internet connections to access the SaaS or cloud, in one. Their company leverages the use of the cloud system to allocate and incorporate data, making it easily accessible through a line of private connectivity that is seamless and optimally protected.

Leveraging the LAN networking system over the popularly used WAN system, they create a private networking platform that can access multiple clouds that are publicly recognized in the market by one simple, revolutionizing technology designed by the Massive Networks. They provide various alternatives regarding their services, offering a Premium-Blended Internet Service and Private Networking solutions to data canters through their diverse Private Connection systems. Their One Pipe Multi-Connect System. Literally lives up to their name providing multiple services through a single channelized pipeline.

Their immense dedication has created an evolutionary network infrastructure that aids the rapid growth of small and large-scale industries. Their resources expand across the entire domestic US network infrastructure.

Spread over 2 million buildings, across 181 countries, located over 900 metro markets, the company is bringing about a revolutionizing change in the world of the internet. Developing a constant, unhindered 2 Layer Network that is custom built to provide solutions for your business, they aid an uninterrupted service that is continuously monitored to ensure smooth, efficient, and secure growth of your organization. Not only are they efficient but also come with certifications such as the SSAE-16, HIPAA, and PCI compliance to prove their worth.

Bound together through a single net, they are active in their enterprise and secure in their solutions, ensuring a smooth, free-flowing platform that combines and expands all your services into one solution.

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