HBM and Kyowa Electronic Instruments Agree on Mutual Sales of Sensors and Measuring Instruments

Darmstadt, December 12, 2017. Kyowa Electronic Instruments, based in Chofu-city, Tokyo, Japan, and HBM (Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik GmbH) with its headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany, have agreed on a strategic sales cooperation. Both companies will offer selected products from the respective partner to extend their own portfolio of precise, high-quality transducers and amplifiers. HBM customers especially will benefit from a greater choice of measurement applications with higher temperature ranges or strong space restrictions.

HBM is going to sell pressure and force transducers, strain gauges, and accelerometers from Kyowa Electronic Instruments. Kyowa will in turn add torque transducers, optical FBG measuring solutions and piezo-electric sensors from HBM to its portfolio. Those products will be available from April 2018 onwards. Customers will be served by their known contact persons in the sales department of the respective companies.

“Both Kyowa and HBM are renowned for the high quality, reliability and accuracy of their products”, says Andreas Hüllhorst, President of HBM. “I am glad that the collaboration allows us to complement our offering and to serve our customers even better.”

About HBM Test and Measurement:
Founded in Germany in 1950, Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik GmbH (HBM Test and Measurement) is a technology and market leader in test and measurement. HBM’s product range comprises solutions for the entire measurement chain, from virtual to physical testing. The company has production facilities in Germany, USA, China, and Portugal; it is represented in over 80 countries worldwide.gilbert.schwartmann@hbm.com

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