Brits Will Spend 85 Hours a Year Snoozing

Do you set your alarm too early, purely to feel like you’ve gotten extra sleep? If so, you could be one of the Brits that spend an average of 85 hours a year snoozing.

According to this infographic, Brits get an average of 6 hours and 36 minutes sleep every night – much less than the recommended eight hours! – and wake up from their nap at 7.12am. Further to that, one in ten of those have been sacked for being late because of their extra snoozing!

An average duration of snoozing is 14 minutes, with an additional 30 minutes of snoozing being the optimal choice for one in ten.

Nearly a quarter of people admit to feeling like they haven’t had enough sleep after waking up.

Despite these shocking stats, snoozers have good intentions! 8% wish that they could be more productive in the morning and 13% feeling more awake if they instantly jump straight out of bed.

16% of those surveyed said that a morning run was a great way to blow off the cobwebs, followed by 14% opting for a run or cycle to work and a further 11% choosing a morning swim. Dog walking sessions and family time also featured on the list.

According to this survey, snoozing can lead to work woes with 9% of people admitting that they’ve received a written warning (or even the sack!) for lateness, and another 5% blamed it for their lateness to a job interview. 18% missed important meetings due to their snoozing habits and 16% regularly missed trains.

Whilst we’re spending more time snoozing, Gangnam Style by PSY was voted as the most annoying alarm noise, followed by the Crazy Frog by Axel F.

11% of those surveyed have chosen an annoying ring tone as their alarm setting, where 18% have set it to include a large piercing noise to jolt them out of bed.


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