These are Brits top 40 biggest regrets

Having one too many the night before, marrying the wrong person and watching too much TV are among Brits’ biggest regrets, according to a study.

Researchers who polled 2,000 adults identified the things we wish we’d done differently – including not learning a second language, holding grudges and worrying too much.

Taking life too seriously and saying ‘no’ too often are featured in the top 40 – with health concerns such as smoking, drinking and not exercising also making it to the list.

Commissioned by, the research found four in 10 UK adults carry a regret.

Nigel Birrell, CEO of Lottoland said: “As the end of the year draws closer, many of us will be reflecting on the things we regret.”

”Some may wish they’d taken more chances and invested more money.

“But it’s also important to focus on the achievements and good things we have in our lives – our health, our families and friends, or a promotion at work.”

The study also found relationship woes are a common regret – one in 10 admitted they’d married the wrong person or failed to break off an unhappy relationship sooner.

However, one in seven wished they’d had more children and one in 10 regret not having kids at all.

When it comes to professional choices, not asking for a larger salary, choosing the wrong career and working too hard emerged as the top regrets.

The average Brit has around seven regrets and they spend around an hour each day thinking about them.

But one in 10 mulls over their bad decisions for up to four hours each day.

And there seems to be some truth to the phrase ‘how do you sleep at night’ with one third of Brits admitted their regrets keep them up into the early hours.

Fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom as Brits have much to be proud this year.

More than four in 10 felt a sense of achievement in making and maintaining great personal relationships with family, friends and loved ones.

And a quarter of Brits are happy with the professional decisions they had made and felt they had achieved some of their career goals.

Despite many of us feeling regretful for not saving money, the research carried out through OnePoll found one in four are financially comfortable.

Given the chance to do things over, a third of the population would have pursued a different career path and one in five would have saved more money.

Nigel Birrell added: “It’s also never too late to rectify these regrets – go on more dates, master that skill, and look to 2019 with excitement and fresh eyes.”

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1. Worrying too much
2. Losing touch with old friends
3. Not saving money
4. Not exercising
5. Not meeting up with friends more often
6. Smoking
7. Not seeing someone before they died
8. Spending too much money
9. Taking life too seriously
10. Not learning to play an instrument
11. Not learning a new language
12. Not travelling or going on holiday
13. Not spending more time with family
14. Not expressing myself
15. Marrying the wrong person
16. Not making new friends
17. Drinking too much alcohol
18. Not asking for help
19. Getting involved with the wrong people
20. Holding on to grudges
21. Not telling someone you love them
22. Saying ‘no’ too much
23. Not standing up to bullies
24. Not breaking up with someone
25. Not reading more
26. Borrowing money
27. Listening to other people’s opinions
28. Not spending more time relaxing
29. Not spending enough time enjoying nature
30. Staying in the same career
31. Breaking up with someone
32. Watching too much TV
33. Being on my phone/computer too much
34. Not taking care of my appearance
35. Being unkind
36. Not being independent
37. Not dating
38. Studying the wrong subject at university
39. Not buying a house
40. Being unfaithful

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