Wednesday, September 27, 2023

1 in 10 Cars Require Repairs in Their First Year of Being Built

How many new cars have to go back for repairs in their first year?  According to the Driver Power study by Jaguar XF, it is one in ten.  These are brand new cars, but just because you have a new motor, it does not mean there won’t be problems.

The fact is that hundreds of thousands of consumers end up taking their cars back to their dealer.  Reported problems include rattling interiors; engine issues; and electrical problems.

In this survey, the UK’s largest, nearly one-third of the new owners reported problems with their Jaguar XF in that first year, with 12 percent stating their car had something go wrong in that first 12 months.  Owners of from two to twelve months were questioned.

In theory, with 2.69 million cars registered in 2016, this could mean more than 300,000 have already developed faults and needed repairs.  A record has been set with the 2.69 million vehicles. These are often unexpected occurrences and finance for car repairs may be required.

Those cars with the most noted problems in the first year are, with percentages:  Jaguar XF, 31%; Jaguar XE, 27%; Land Rover Discovery Sport, 25%; Range Rover Evoque, 24%; Nissan X-Trail, 22%; Skoda Superb, 21%; Nissan Pulsar, 21%; Subaru Forester, 20%; Citroen C4 Cactus, 20%; and Subaru Outback, 20%.

The car deemed most reliable over long-term ownership was the Toyota RAV4.

The following are in the top ten of most reliable cars in order:  Toyota RAV4, Skoda Yeti, Audi Q3, SEAT Leon, Lexus RX, Kia Cee’d, Lexus CT, Suzuki Vitara, Lexus NX, and Volvo XC60.Another source of data has to do with the record amount of contacts The Motor Ombudsman tallied on its service for dispute resolution.

Another source of data has to do with the record amount of contacts The Motor Ombudsman tallied on its service for dispute resolution.

A 45 percent increase in unhappy consumers contacted the Ombudsman during the first four months of 2017,  representing an increase from 2016, with the top complaint having to do with quality issues that occurred shortly after the time of sale.

The head of customer service and quality, Holly McAllister, of The Motor Ombudsman, said: “Case volumes as a proportion of contacts remain low which demonstrates the great efforts that all parties are going to in order to resolve any disagreements before needing formal adjudication which is very encouraging for all involved.”

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