Book reveals how anyone can make alpha returns in the financial markets

– Top trader shows practical ways to make life-changing amounts of money-

ADVFN Books is publishing The Complete Guide To Successful Financial Markets Trading by Simon Watkins on October 19th, 2017.

In the guide the author, who was one of the top traders in the world for seven years, highlights how to mitigate risks and optimise the chances of generating alpha returns, and clearly pinpoints the round-the-clock opportunities that exist for ‘smart trading’ across all asset classes.

The Complete Guide To Successful Financial Markets Trading covers the basics such as: how to place an order, placing stop loss orders and the fundamentals of Technical Analysis (TA) – support and resistance levels. It then drills down into specifics for foreign exchange, bonds, equities and commodities, looking in depth at the trading correlations between all of these major asset classes.

A highly accessible text for those who are new to trading as well as a master-class for experienced traders, the book looks at many different market-related and geo-political scenarios – including Brexit – and demonstrates how to spot and exploit current and future opportunities. It will empower the reader to make money no matter which direction the markets are headed.

Fully illustrated with detailed charts, the title offers a complete analysis of risk management techniques in all trading circumstances and reveals how readers can significantly augment their day-to-day incomes or even become full-time financial markets’ traders.

Unfortunately, 90% of retail investors lose all of their money within the first 90 days of trading. However, it certainly doesn’t have to be this way,” said book author Simon Watkins. “If you know what you are doing and stick to the basic rules of dealing, ultimately you can make life-changing amounts of money. This book highlights exactly how to trade towards a better lifestyle.

The launch of the book coincides with the 30th anniversary of the Black Monday stock market crash. Simon believes another crash is imminent, but reassures investors and traders that with the right knowledge, a portfolio can be positioned in anticipation of such a fall to allow them to not just avoid catastrophic losses but also to make alpha returns in the immediate aftermath and beyond.

Trade Financial Markets Like The Pros is Simon’s fifth title for ADVFN Books. It can be pre-ordered now for the kindle and will be available in paperback and for the Kindle on October 19th.

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About the author:
Simon Watkins worked for many years as a senior Forex trader and is now a consultant to a number of the world’s biggest hedge funds, so he is well-placed to pass on his expertise to you. He’s written extensively on Forex, equities, bonds and commodities for many publications worldwide, including: The Financial Times, Euromoney, FX-MM, The Emerging Markets Monitor, Global Finance Magazine, World Finance Magazine and FTSE Global Markets.
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