Initiostar OmniDisplay ‘Equity-for-Service’ Investment

Omni Partnership Pitch

OmniDisplay is to embark on an initial ‘Equity-for-Services’ funding round. Centred around the company’s Digital Signage Partnership initiative, the objective is to source new development and marketing services in return for an equity stake in the business.

OmniDisplay Limited, a UK start-up, has the sole and exclusive IPR for OmniDisplay, a Real-time Communications platform designed to deliver an integrated visual experience across a wide range of media for company communications and digital advertising.

OmniDisplay 120218 Press Release

Following the successful completion of OmniDisplay 10 development this month, Initiostar, the current sole owner of OmniDisplay, is seeking to expand OmniDisplay development and marketing activities under the umbrella of the new company.

OmniDisplay is interested to talk with software developers and businesses that have a strong Microsoft background, are entirely conversant and current in Delphi, C# and Java, and have referenceable graphics and integration skills. This is a true risk and reward opportunity, where a share in the business provides the opportunity for income and capital growth.

On the marketing side, the company is looking for interested Digital Agencies, AV Companies and Display vendors who see the benefits of taking on-board OmniDisplay, in partnership with Initiostar. Investment in OmniDisplay will be immediately rewarded through preferential licensing terms for the company’s software.

Gary Lowrey, Director at Initiostar commented: “OmniDisplay offers a unique approach to cost-effective digital display communications where a requirement is to blend external and internal information into a single visually compelling communication. It is cost-effective, easy to setup and manage and designed for high resolution displays from TVs to large Video Walls.

He added; “How many times do you visit a business and see a TV in reception showing BBC or Sky News, but nothing else? How about telling one’s visitors and employees what is happening in the business? Just one example, where combining external and internal information can engage your audience. Extend this thought to hallways, open office spaces and meeting rooms with content tailored to each audience. This is Smart Digital Signage, real-time, informative and compelling. With 5.6m businesses employing less than 250 people in the UK alone, OmniDisplay is a cost-effective digital signage opportunity for everyone.”

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