Top Blockchain Expert Ismail Malik joins XYO Network as Board Advisor

Ismail Malik

SAN DIEGO – Ismail Malik, ranked among the top most 100 influential blockchain people according to Rise Global, has joined the advisory board for XYO Network, an industry leader in crypto-location technology. Malik is the Founder and CEO of Blockchain Lab which has a strong focus on research and development, primarily researching and securing embedded smart contracts and trusted execution environments on the Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Corda blockchains. He is also the Founder & Editor in Chief of ICO Crowd, the first publication for the ICO Industry, as well as former Editor in Chief of Bitcoin Entrepreneurs.

Ismail has been involved as a heavy-hitting blockchain expert in a wide variety of crypto projects like Blok, Ink Labs Foundation,, ZED, LAToken, ICON, Nucleus.Vision, Swissborg, Autonio and others.

As the world leader in blockchain location technology, the XYO Network is the next generation of GPS functionality that will serve as an Internet of Things (IoT) backbone for smart cities of the future. It can power everything from automated parking payments to traffic flow optimization, self-driving cars, autonomous drone delivery, airline luggage tracking, e-commerce, and many additional applications. It can even extend beyond the Earth to vehicle and equipment location services on the Moon or even Mars.

“Ismail Malik is a pioneer and innovator of smart cities through his work in the deployment of smart ledgers and smart contracts. His visionary insight and expertise will be instrumental as we build the foundation of smart cities throughout the world,” said XYO Network co-founder Markus Levin.

About XYO Network

XYO Network built the world’s first decentralized location verification system with more than one million location tracking devices already around the world. After years of investment and breakthroughs in crypto-location technology, XYO is poised to help bring the promise and the benefits of blockchain technology to the real world on a massive and global scale in location-reliant trade markets that generate trillions of dollars in activity.

This can have a profound impact on businesses that rely on the delivery of goods and services requiring proof of location documentation, including all kinds of online transaction enterprises. It also brings added value for a multitude of industries ranging from airline baggage tracking, medical facility equipment tracking, cargo hold inventory verification, package theft detection, car rental key tracking, school arrival notification and countless more.

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