India online proxy

How many times have you stumbled upon a situation where the website was impossible to reach because of the geolocation? It’s so annoying when you can’t have access to some page especially when this page is necessary for your work or studies. But there is a helper whose mission is to change your IP address to a different country where the website is not censored and open the “gates” to the denied website. This helper is called a proxy.

Internet and user

Proxy plays a crucial role as an intermediate server between a user and its destination website. Proxy provides security, reliability and privacy depending on your needs and the company using it.

One of the most effective proxy servers is Indian. India online proxy can be connected quite quickly and easily. In 2022 there has been a great choice of Indian proxy servers. Some of them are capable of accessing entertainment content or performing a SEO audit.

Indians care about privacy. So, it’s essential to use proxies in order to avoid geographic restrictions while browsing in India.

Let’s dive deeper into different kinds of Indian proxy servers. There are 3 kinds of them:

  1. Residential.
  2. Free.
  3. Private.

A Residential Proxy will never cause any suspicion. However, it’s paid. That’s the only disadvantage. Bright Data is considered to be a market-leading data collection. It’s the most reputable proxy with a huge pool of 72 million global IPs and 4 million Indian IPs. Its proxies are used for advertisement verification, brand protection, SEO auditing etc. Moreover, this provider gives the users the opportunity to choose which Indian IP address type they would like to use with total anonymity.

Free proxy

Free proxies are without a doubt popular since they’re free. Still they have got their flaws. The first and major flaw is their speed. Yeah, they are slow. Second flaw lies in the lack of bandwidth.

Free Proxy CZ is a free proxy server which contains a variety of free proxies. It always has approximately 7000-8000 users.  It’s not easy to find a suitable free proxy but with the help of this server you can check out the updated list of all the information about each proxy, their speed of connection, for example. Moreover, Free Proxy CZ has a lot of returning users because of its reputation.

And now we’ve going to jump into the newest Private Indian Proxies which keep your traffic hidden from the IP blacklists. Private Proxy can be operated by only one user. There’s no need to share it with anyone else. Therefore, you’ve got complete control over it. One of the bestselling Private Proxies is SSL Private Proxy. The major feature of it is that it offers a high-grade privacy and security. Also, they propose specialized packages which might be used for social media, gaming, shopping etc.

Indian proxies are a top-notch choice because they spoof the location. A lot of websites detect your geolocation and it makes you feel unsafe. Indian proxies will not allow this to happen. Hence, they are your perfect choice.