Passive Income With Crypto? Start Investing Today

The recent crypto hype on social media has gotten everybody wondering what they would do if they became a crypto millionaire. But why dream when you can make it happen today? Invest now.

How People Are Making Millions

The economy favours the rich and most people struggle to live from paycheck to paycheck. But this does not have to be you because the world of digital finance is accessible to everyone and does not discriminate against you based on your income. Everybody can invest!

In case you are wondering how to increase your income streams, crypto should be at the top of your list. More so, there is no need for you to become a crypto expert to get started.

One guaranteed way to make money with digital currencies is to follow the steps of experts and listen closely to market analysts.

Meet The Coins That Will Make You Rich

Polkadot Makes Your Money Work For You

Polkadot (DOT) is recent to the market, having launched in 2020, but has already acquired the attention of many.

It is an open-source sharded multichain protocol that combines networks of specialised blockchains in order to get an easier cross-chain transfer of digital assets.

The platform is often described as innovative as it acts as a foundation for a decentralised internet of blockchains (i.e parachains), which allows them to be interoperable.

But Polkadot (DOT) is loved by investors due to its passive income potential, which can be accessed by staking DOT coins. The user can then start receiving rewards daily.

Most platforms indeed have minimum staking requirements investors need to comply with before becoming a staker. In the case of Polkadot, staking 350 DOT Tokens will allow you to become a validator.

Polkadot’s native cryptocurrency and governing token is DOT. The price predictions confirm a value of $300 by the end of the year and at the time of writing, the Polkadot price is $16,54  with a 24-hour trading volume of $591.8 Million and a market cap of $16.3 Billion.

Earn Rewards With Mushe

Currently, in its presale and at an extraordinarily cheap price, the XMU coin functions as the governing token within the Mushe Ecosystem.

This recent cryptocurrency is a decentralised currency that provides peer-to-peer interaction, rewards, and governance utility.

Those who obtain the XMU coin are allowed to acquire fractional ownership of Mushe, but their benefits are endless…

Keen on providing plenty of utility, the Mushe Ecosystem includes a Mushe Wallet, an app that facilitates the buying, selling and transferring of crypto coins, and Mushe DeFi – a place for voting, playing the lottery and other rewards programs.

Mushe provides a place – the Mushe Verse – for investors to socialise, play and earn. Similarly, Mushe NFTs allow ownership of Mushe services and are purchased with the XMU Token.

Now is the smartest time to invest your money and buy Mushe. The XMU Token is currently in presale until July 4th.

Mushe had been doing impressively well and doubled its introductory price of $0.005, striving for a price value goal of $0.05. If this were to happen, the token should provide returns of 1000% across the presale period.

Join Mushe’s Presale: