Bansar Signed Agent Agreement with Vietnam Forwarder Partner; Now Looking for More Global Partner

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Shanghai, China, May 14, 2018 – Bansar, the leading logistics company in China, today signed an agent agreement with Vietnam forwarder partner. With this new partnership, Bansar will share its business strategies, to allow for seamless importing from China to Vietnam.

Bansar aims to improve efficiency and reliability in freight logistics from China to Vietnam with a long term view of bringing more global partners onboard. With this new agent agreement, Bansar will deliver improved freight logistics services to all importers in Vietnam.

“This new agent agreement is a “win-win” solution for everyone importing from China to Vietnam,” said Mr. Max Liu, founder of Bansar. “With this agreement, Bansar will have local offices in Vietnam, allowing our clients to get competitive freight cost from China to Vietnam faster. It is part of Bansar’s commitment to move closer to its clients.”

Even with the new agent agreement with Vietnam forwarder partners, all importers will benefit from the following services:

Air freight from China to Vietnam; Bansar has an existing partnership with most airlines operating between China and Vietnam.

Sea freight from China to Vietnam; with cost competitive rates, Bansar uses reliable shipping lines from China to Vietnam.

Rail freight from China to Vietnam; Bansar facilitates rail freight from Nanning or Nanchang Cities in China to Hanoi, Vietnam.

Door to door shipping from China to Vietnam; Bansar, together with the Vietnam freight forwarder agents will facilitate all door to door shipping.

Moreover, through the signed agent agreement with Vietnam partners, custom clearance will be faster. This will reduce the shipping and importing time from China to Vietnam.

Among the key shipping options in this new partnership include full container load (FCL) or less than container load (LCL) shipping. Others include warehousing, distribution, cargo insurance, loading supervision, packaging, pickup and delivery among others.

All these freight services from China to Vietnam are tailored to the specific needs of clients. Still, Bansar is looking forward to recruiting more global partners.

About Bansar

For 10 years now, Bansar has grown to be a premier freight forwarder in China. It offers a range of logistics services while partnering with various carriers and airlines for competitive rates.

With Bansar, clients can use containers for free up to 28 days and warehouse without paying for 20 to 30 days. At every stage, Bansar aims to reduce sourcing procedures and costs for all its clients shipping from China to all global ports in the world.