Oh My Cod – It’s National Fish and Chip Day


Friday 1st June will see people across the country celebrating their love of fish and chips as they come together on National Fish and Chip Day. From fish and chip shops, pub chains, restaurants, retailers and hotels, to the fishermen and farmers who provide the sustainable and natural ingredients used to create it, the nation will be enjoying this iconic family favourite.

In 2017, National Fish and Chip Day saw more people than ever before enjoy fish and chips as daily sales hit an all time high for many fish and chip shops across the country. Social media was awash with recipe suggestions for the perfect batter and single, double or even triple-cooked chips from celebrity chefs and members of the public alike. Mouthwatering photos were the order of the day as the #nationalfishandchipday hashtag started trending well before lunchtime, even knocking Trump off the top spot!

We would be delighted to help you generate exciting content ahead of the day. We have the UK’s best fish and chip shops on hand to talk to you – including the winner of, and finalists in, the National Fish and Chip Awards.

We also undertook a nationwide survey last year which generated a huge amount of interest as it showed regional variations in fish choice, favourite accompaniment, whether the use of salt and vinegar was a delight or abomination and, very importantly, what the crispy bits of batter at the bottom of your bag of fish and chips are called! (updated survey graphic available on request)

More feature ideas:

• Experience a day in the life of a fish frier! How to make the perfect batter, best accompaniment to fish and chips, most sustainable fish to use

• Increase in investment in the fish and chip industry by people coming in from other sectors –they are bringing new and innovative thinking and ways of doing things – case studies available

• Quirky fish and chip facts – did you know that fish and chips weren’t rationed during WWII because it would be too detrimental to the morale of the nation to do so! Winston Churchill even referred to fish and chips as ‘Good Companions’! (more factoids in our press toolkit – attached).

• Fish and chips is increasingly omnipresent – where once it was found only via traditional takeaway shops, as a nation we can now enjoy fish and chips via pubs, higher end restaurants, cafes in department stores, cafes at all the major supermarket chains, aboard ferries, factory canteens and even enjoyed once a week by all workers aboard North Sea oil rigs and, of course, our Royal Navy

• Influx of young people into the industry who are making strong and rewarding careers – case studies available

• The UK’s Fish and Chip Industry is excellent for our economy – a large-scale employer, with 10,000 shops across the country, make it a considerable business sector

This event is championed by trade organisation, The National Edible Oil Distributors Association (NEODA). NEODA represents all the major refiners, key packers and distributors of edible oils as well as suppliers of non-oil products (such as batter mix, sausages, packaging, range manufacturers and potato preservatives) in the UK.

NEODA President, Ryan Baker, comments, “National Fish and Chip Day has become more successful each year and in 2018 we want it to be even bigger. It’s a celebration of the stars who work hard to bring Brits their favouritetraditional takeaway. We want to bring the whole industry together to celebrate and showcase the great British institution that is Fish and Chips.”

What’s the best way to serve fish and chips?

• Chips of a uniform size – light golden exterior colour with a bit of a crunch – white fluffy, light interior.

• Firm, flaky fish – absence of bones – pearly white colour – encased in a light airy batter, with good crunch and an even golden colour.

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