MATSYA Mayfair Lunch Extravaganza

Due to popular demand Mayfair restaurant newcomer MATSYA cordially invites you to begin your gastronomic journey from only – get ready for this – £15!!

The ethos at MATSYA has always been one of inclusivity, even for a fine-dining establishment. What better way to begin your culinary journey than with one of Mayfair’s most competitively priced lunches that will have your taste buds begging for more!

Until 31st July 2018, you can enjoy a delicious soup paired with a mouth-watering main course and sumptuous side dishes with a complimentary glass of wine (125 ml) from Monday to Friday (12:00 to 15:00) from only £15. Business lunches just got a lot more exciting!

The tantalising lunch will only be on offer for a limited time this summer, so members of the press and public are advised to act quickly and book their tables.

As Executive Chef Uttam says, “Due to the success of the last few months, we decided that we wanted to give lunchtime a bit of a twist. Not just in terms of the food that was on offer, but also in terms of its price point. There is a myth that says you can only eat well if you pay a high price, especially in Mayfair; we tried to debunk that myth, and in the process we want to allow new customers to come through the doors of a fine-dining restaurant that they would otherwise not have experienced. We’re confident that once they sample the food, service and price, they will return, eager to sample the dinner-time delicacies.”

During the last few months since opening, MATSYA has been causing quite a stir and, as some food and restaurant commentators have suggested, causing a quiet (and delicious!) revolution in the world of fine-dining. Not only has it become a highly-respected purveyor of progressive, pan-Indian cuisine, but it has also become a name that customers can trust – not just once, but many times over.

To show its appreciation for the success of the last few months, MATSYA cordially invites you to take the first step of your gastronomic journey, and indulge your senses with a lunchtime menu that will only be here until the end of the summer. Whether you want to spoil a friend, a work colleague, family or just yourself, MATSYA will be on hand to create bespoke food that will have you coming back time and time again.

The team look forward to welcoming you with the same hospitality and creative cuisine that has won it plaudits from professionals and the public alike.

Celebrate the start of summer with some fizz in your glass, and some sizzle on your plate!

A journey of a thousand steps begins with a single dish…at MATSYA!