Super-sized dominoes topple to ear-splitting World Record for Scottish Plastic Pallet company

Exporta Global has just successfully achieved a Guinness World Record by toppling 1377 plastic pallets – dominoes style.

Amazingly, they beat international supermarket chain LIDL – the previous holders – by over 100 pallets.

Watch the video here:

It all came from an idea the Head of Marketing, Craig Dunn, had while on holiday. When he saw some of the company’s pallets on a farm on their side, he thought they looked like dominoes. He wondered what it would be like to topple 1,000 of them. When he found out there was an existing record he knew he had to break it.

“I thought he was crazy, to be frank.” Dale Paterson, Managing Director of Exporta explains. “It’s Marketing’s job to come up with ideas to generate interest in our products.. I took a lot of convincing that this was worth the effort and disruption. I’m glad I was persuaded.”

The team set a date and had to come up with a plan to clear the internals of their warehouse, set up the attempt then clear it all away within just six hours so that day to day operations weren’t interrupted. Some staff started at 5.30 a.m. that morning to make sure it all happened.

Breaking into teams of two they started at either end of their warehouse and met in the middle with precision the Queensferry Crossing contractors would be proud off. One slip would have meant starting all over again. Watch the awesome time lapse of the setup here.

The celebrations when the 1377th pallet fell were loud.

Official Guinness World Record verification was given on 4th June,2018

Exporta Global are a company specialising in Plastic Pallets and other Product Handling Solutions. They pride themselves on speed and accuracy of their service. The Pallet used in the world record is their LR1210 racking pallet, a pallet unique to them in the UK. Noted for its light weight and strength.

Record Video:

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