Gamestrike today completed the Gorilla Smash Tournament with intensive round of live gaming sessions.  A total of five finalists battled it out through eight game mastery challenges to get their share of the total RM100,000 worth of prizes.

The winner, Mohd Shah Rizal Bin Ramli, 28, took home the dream prize of iPhone7 Plus (128GB) + Apple Watch with an impressive high score achieved within an hour of the live gaming session. 2nd prize winner, Ahmad Zahidi Bin Zubir, 23, was awarded Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus + Cash Prize of RM1,400 and 3rd prize of iPhone7 (128GB) + Apple Watch went to Nur Fatihatul Husna Binti Ahmad Razi, aged 16.


Gorilla Smash is a 3D Arcade game that puts the player in control of a gorilla under attack by a large military. To fend them off, the player can tap on enemies to squash them just like the annoying insects they are! There are a large variety of different enemies and bosses which will require the player to strategize if they wish to survive! Player is given free game gems everyday to purchase shield, health pack and bomb.

The second Tournament for Gamestrike will continue with Crossy Strikers, an “arcade” game that places you in the shoes of a striker in an exhilarating dash towards the opponent goal. Avoid the defenders and various obstacles to score your ultimate goal for high score in the leaderboard.


For information on Gamestrike’s second mobile tournament – Crossy Strikers is available for download on Google Play and App Store.

For more information, please visit: www.gamestrike.my



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