Clumsy Brits endure 100 drinks spillages, food mishaps or trips – every year

Clumsy Brits endure 100 drinks spillages, food mishaps or trips – every year, it has emerged.
Researchers who carried out a detailed study found the average adult will have a clumsy moment around twice a week.
According to the study one quarter of the population have spilled a hot drink all over their desk at work, 40 per cent have left the house with toothpaste on their top, and a third have had a yoghurt squirt on them after opening it.
Others admitted regularly spilling drinks in the car, knocking over glasses of wine and falling up or down the stairs.
One respondent told of their clumsiest moment which saw them spill a tray of six coffees all over their new WHITE flooring.
Another admitted to dropping a curry ready meal in the supermarket while some respondents faced food and drink spillages on a romantic date.
A spokesperson for Plenty, which commissioned the research to mark the launch of its Handy Towels, said: “Spillages are an everyday part of life.
“Often, they’re not our fault – sometimes a rogue child’s toy or pet can get underfoot at the exact wrong moment sending food and drink flying, necessitating a quick clean-up.
“There’s nothing worse than being caught out and not having a convenient product to help clean up, which is why we’ve come up with the solution in new Handy Towels.”
Other hilarious tales of spillage misfortunes include one woman who came home to enjoy fish and chips, and accidentally shook a bottle full of ketchup on to herself and the sofa.
Another faced a clean up after their child was given a cup of hot chocolate, only to empty it over a box full of toys which had been neatly packed away.
The study also found four in 10 Brits are happy to admit that they’re not to be trusted when carrying food or drinks, as they are likely to spill them.
A fifth of the population have taken a packed lunch to work, only to find it had leaked all over their bag in transit and they haven’t had anything to hand to quickly clear it up.
For 63 per cent of the 2,000 Brits who took part though, spills are most likely to happen when they’re in a rush.
And the average adult estimates their clumsiness costs them a total of around £2,000 in wasted meals and dropped drinks over their lifetime.
But 57 per cent have been left feeling embarrassed after a spillage or a clumsy moment– with four in 10 having had occasions where they struggled to deal with the aftermath of a spill.
The research, carried out via, also found people are most likely to spill something in the living room, followed by the dinner table and then at the workplace.
A spokesperson for Plenty added: “We understand mess is made all over the house, in the garden, even in the car.
“We’re really excited to launch this innovative, new format of household towel in a convenient box that can be used whenever and wherever you need it.”
Top 20 clumsy moments
1. Smashed a bowl, plate or mug
2. Slipped on ice
3. Cut yourself shaving
4. Spilled food down yourself while wearing a white top
5. Fallen when going up or down a flight of stairs
6. Tripped over your own feet
7. Spilled toothpaste on your top
8. Knocked over a glass of wine
9. Tripped over a pet
10. Opened a yoghurt and had it squirt on you
11. Splashed water on your crotch when washing your hands
12. Bumped your car into something
13. Knocked a vase or plant pot over
14. Spilled a hot drink on your desk at work
15. Put a leaky pen in your pocket or bag
16. Dropped something into a glass of water
17. Turned the shower on without realising the water was absolute scalding or freezing
18. Spilled a drink in the car
19. Tripped over a pet bowl
20. Had your packed lunch leak in your bag