Christoph Feymann Capital Forecasts Profitable 2019 For VISA Inc

Christoph Feymann Capital’s equity analysts have identified VISA Inc. (NYSE:V); the California based payment processing giant, as a consistent core holding for client portfolios with an added short term zing for traders.

The core of any successful portfolio is made up of stable blue-chip stocks. They deliver excellent returns on investment year in year out, while providing reliable growth with long term development strategies and experienced management teams to deliver on them. Additionally, such stocks are financially healthy with low debt ratios and ample free cash flow.

VISA Inc. with its circa $300B USD market cap and dominant position of its fintech oligopoly is most definitely core holding material.

“With VISA Inc., big is definitely not boring” said Christopher Ailsworth LLB, CFA Senior Strategist at Christoph Feymann Capital“They proudly held the honour of having the highest value IPO in the USA for many years and have grown in value by around 800% in the last 10 years.” He went on to say, “We have used VISA Inc. as a successful profit-taking vehicle for our clients for many years and will do so for many more.”

Whenever a consumer pays for goods or services using a Visa card, Visa gets a couple of percent commission from the sale due to the fees they charge merchants. Multiply this by millions of businesses and billions of people across the globe, and you’ve got a robust business model, especially considering Visa already has around 50 percent share of the global credit card market

Visa sees large profit growth as more cards are introduced into circulation, which piggyback off global GDP growth. It’s a similar situation to successful retailers who see growth from opening new stores and from same-store sales growth. The more cards circulating worldwide plus more money spent on each card combine to give Visa a much easier path to double-digit revenue growth than any other company out there.

And Visa Inc. packs an extra punch. The zing factor for the medium-term traders is event driven growth spurts. While the primary consistent growth driver is organic take-up in emerging international markets, satisfying value spikes are catalysed by the delivery of new initiatives.

Improved merchant services, gift cards, on-line services, and the impending B2B platform have and will continue to deliver impressive short-term gains which, as history shows are retained in the value of the stock. These short-term plays take the stock from an average 25% annual growth rate to a far more appealing 98% which in a balanced and position-limited portfolio, is a very healthy contribution to overall growth.

You only have to look at VISA Inc.’s 92% institutional ownership to see that the smart money knows where to place itself; Vanguard Group Inc. (133m shares), Blackrock Inc. (122m shares), FMR LLC (86m shares).

Christoph Feymann Capital will continue to invest their proprietary trading capital into VISA Inc. and will be guiding their Private Clients into the stock for the foreseeable future as well.