Oilfield Accidents on the Rise – Know Your Rights

The oil industry is one of the most prolific ones out there. The market is growing at such a pace that 60% of employers reportedly announced that they increased their personnel in 2018. However, behind the seemingly encouraging statistics, other numbers tell a different story. Texas is that state to be in for small businesses who want to succeed. Read more about S Corps in Texas and the related benefits. 

Numerous reports show that oil companies tend to prioritize productivity and profits over employee safety. Perhaps that is one of the reasons the oil industry has one of the highest, severe injuries rates. Drilling for petroleum has been proven to be one of the most dangerous jobs in the world and injuries can include everything from vision or hearing loss to fractures, traumatic wounds, burns or lacerations.

Protection on The Job or A Safe Workplace

Most oil companies have a list of preventive measures that they persuade employees to follow to avoid any possible injuries. Some of them even encourage workers to file a complaint if they think that the safety requirements aren’t met.

But, there’s also the other side of the coin, where workers have to take risks as a normal challenge if they want to keep their job. That is why knowing your rights can help you avoid any possible altercation with your employer. For instance, next time your manager asks you to perform a risky task, inform them that they are required by law to provide a safe workplace.

The Right to be Provided Protective Equipment Free of Charge

Considering the dangerous nature of your job, the company must provide you with protective equipment free of charge. Make sure your manager handles this aspect for you and offers you all the support you need to obtain good quality protective equipment. That is something that might actually save your life.

The Right to Information

You have the right to request to be informed and trained about hazardous chemicals and substances in the workplace. Always ask the employer to educate you before asking you to work with materials that you are not familiar with or comfortable using.

The Right to Get Compensation

One of the most common ways to settle a trial with your employer after getting injured is compensation. However, you will have to prove that the injuries you suffered were due to your employer’s failure to follow OSHA regulations.

You employer may try to blame third parties (as it often happens,) yet with a good oilfield accident attorney; you can ensure a win. Texas oilfield workers must keep in mind that if the employer can prove that you are more than 50% at fault for the injuries, then you won’t receive compensation.

Compensation could include medical bills and any other expenses you paid out of your pocket for the injury. It could include wages you have lost or could lose in the future, as well as a value estimation of your past or potential future suffering.

The money you receive from the employer might mean little if you are in pain, yet it might be a way to protect yourself and your family from additional suffering.

The Right to Consult a Lawyer

Whether you were injured or you have some safety questions, you can always take advantage of free consultancy or paid lawyer services. They might offer you more detailed information about all the laws and regulations covering both onshore or offshore oil work. That way, you can make sure your rights are respected and your interests protected.

Working in the oilfield might be dangerous, but a bigger danger is not knowing your rights and not acting according to what’s best for you.

All of these can be accounted to the fast-paced nature of the oil business, combined with the inadequately trained workers and, unfortunately, a lack of proper safeguards. But, with the number of oilfield accidents on the rise, employees need to know their rights if they want to stand a chance at getting proper compensation for their pain and suffering.

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