The Little Touches That Make Your Freelance Business Better

When you first think about going freelance, it can be terrifying. It can seem like this big scary thing that you shouldn’t be doing. A risk! And it’s enough to make you feel as if you really don’t want to take that leap into the business world. However, the saying – if you dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough really does come into play here. Because it’s good to challenge yourself with something that will be really rewarding and fulfilling. So you start to think abut how this is going to go. Yet, it’s important to make sure that you’re planning things out so you do find success – not just hope for it. And there are a few things that can make this work for you. Even if you’re already freelancing, you will find that these little touches will really improve your business. So let’s take a look.

  1. Branding Yourself

First of all, you need to make sure that you have some branding in place. Because if you are not branded, you need to realize that you’re just one of many. But if you have a distinctive brand, you’re memorable. So think about what kind of brand you want, and build it.

  1. Creating A Newsletter

Now, as much as you may not think that you need this, you absolutely need to have a newsletter. Because when you can send messages and ideas and inspiration into your audiences’ inboxes, you can connect with them in a way that you cannot on social media. And you own that email list. It’s a great way to sell to your audience or keep connected to potential clients.

  1. Networking

The next thing that you need to do here, is network. If you want to get clients and win the best work, you need to put yourself out there. And it’s essential that you start to make contacts and that you make it know that you’re available for hire and that you want to work with certain businesses. Because then you will.

  1. Getting Personal

Next up, you then need to make sure that you’re getting personal here too. Because you are your business. And you need to make sure that you’re adding a bit of your personality to everything you do. Add your own voice to your work. Add your own signature to your stationery when you’e printing it. Go live on social media and let people in. Because the more open you are, you will find that your audience connects with you on a deeper level.



  1. Adding Value

Finally, you can also look to add value to what you’re doing too. Do you engage with your audience on a regular basis? Do you love to give them freebies and tips and ideas and advice? Do your social media audiences trust you and see you as an authority? If so, then you are adding value to their lives. And in the process, you’re building your own credibility and reputation, so that potential customers will see you as an authority in your industry.

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