What Is The Future Of Smart Homes? Let’s Explore

When it comes to our homes, there is no hiding from the fact that we are now all getting a little more inclined to use technology within it. We use our smartphones daily for anything from socialising to working on the go, so why shouldn’t our homes keep up with appearances and make the change as well? So what do you think the future is for the smart home? Here are some of the things we can do now and options that may be of interest to you for the future.

Controlling lighting and sound

Right now we have already delved into the world of controlling lighting and sound. Amazon has launched Alexa, where you can ask her to play music through the sound system, switch on lights etc, and also control the devices in your home. Apple is coming along to the idea with the Home pod and even Google has created devices to help you do this. It has become more common for people to have such devices in their home where you can control things through verbal commands. It is something that is likely to only get more advanced, as more people open up to the technology in their home. Such as asking the devices to control locks on doors or be involved in security with cameras, etc.

Being able to function and control your home from one spot

The latest craze is being able to control your home from one point. One of the most common ways to do this is to use a raspberry pi that can be interlinked with computer, or used as a computer in its own right. As it is only the motherboard element, you could also look at attaching an lcd display module so that the raspberry pi could be used as like a thermostat and control some of the actions taken. Other ways to do this is through applications on your smartphone. Being able to control things such as heating,lighting and security with a few taps on your phone.

A greater role for artificial intelligence

Do you think the future involves more artificial intelligence? The answer is yes and this is a way that we are going. However, what this could mean for the home is an installation of an AI device where they can do actions such as cleaning or cooking in your home – a built in maid service for the home. We already have robots that can action chores such as hoovering without the aid of human help, so it is only certain that this is the way forward for a smart home in the future.

Additional security features

Finally, what about the added security features? As a smarter home, you can make sure your home is more secure. Cameras and alarm systems that connect with local law enforcement is something that is already in motion, but you could also see that the added advanced technology features can make you aware of motion and also suspicious activity near your home. Linking directly to your phone if needed.

So there you have it, the future of the smart home. What is it that you would like in your home?