Getting the Right Answer: Are You a Veteran Wronged by the Military?

Like many other men and women in this country, you were either drafted into the military, or you joined of your own accord. Either way, you became a part of this country’s defence against enemies near and far. You went overseas and worked hard, witnessing atrocities for minimal pay. For many of you, friends died in your arms, just wishing to be able to go home.

You got to come home. But since your return have you discovered that maybe the buddies who died got the better end of the deal? Let’s discuss how you, as a veteran, may have been wronged by the military and what you can do about it.

Did You Have to Pay for Your Medals?

Numerous stories abound about various veterans being made to pay for their own medals. It’s not enough that they bled for their country, some earning a purple heart for their injuries. But to come home and learn that you must also pay cold hard cash in order to receive it is beyond insulting.

Has that happened to you? Did you earn a medal in the line of duty, only to have to pay for it again when you got home?

Do You Suffer from Mental Illness?

So many soldiers come home from duty with their brain permanently damaged. Whether it was because of an injury or what they say is no matter. So many veterans suffer from depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. And yet, instead of getting the help they need, they’re branded as criminals when their illness causes them to lash out. Does this describe you?

Are You Made to Wait for Care?

There are countless reports about veterans either receiving poor care at VA hospitals or centers but are made to wait for care. Many veterans have even died as a result. Do you have a medical need that you’ve tried to get care for at the VA hospital? Have you been turned away and told to wait?

What Can You Do?

One thing you can do is file a complaint to the military regarding how you’ve been treated. You may need to find a lawyer to help you in understanding congressional complaints, specifically if your charge is against someone who was once your commanding officer.

If it’s the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs that have wronged you, you can also file a complaint against them.


The way the government has treated its veterans over the years is appalling. These brave men and women gave everything for their country and for the U.S. government. To be treated like nothing upon returning is wrong.

If you’re a veteran and you’ve been wronged by your military and government, you don’t have to be silent anymore. Step up and file that complaint, call out the person who has wronged you. You deserve to be treated better by the country you served and bled for.