Why is it Good to Make Charitable Donations?

Each year, millions of people make donations to causes that mean so much to them. Giving to charity is a wonderful way to improve the lives of others. Not only that, it can also have such a positive impact on the people who are kind enough to contribute as well. So how is it that giving to charity provides so much gratification?

Research shows that donating to charity can boost a person’s overall mood. Helping others is shown to make people happier. This is backed up by scientific research which found a link between making a charitable donation and an increase in brain activity in the part that is responsible for registering pleasurable feelings.

We spoke to Damien Sartip-Zadeh, a business owner in a company called -Limit Limited. Damien, along with fellow company members Dale Sartip-Zadeh, Diane Sartip-Zadeh and Mahmud Sartip-Zadeh. -Limit Limited recently donated a moderate sum of money to help fund a charity for a rural school in north-west Ghana. The money will help the school acquire much needed school desks and other essential equipment. After making the donation, Damien said:
“It is such a good feeling to donate money to charity. Supporting others brings a lot of joy to my life and the very idea of helping others is really nice.”

No matter what age we live in, there will always be people out there who need help and support. A charitable donation can quite literally change the lives of others. For example, the ‘Against Malaria Foundation’ provides the funding for insecticide treated nets to reduce the number of malaria cases. The nets themselves cost in the £3 to £4 range to buy and distribute throughout countries with the disease. There are still countries throughout the world where many people live in extreme poverty. So, although giving a couple of pounds might not seem like much, it really can go a long way in helping others who are less fortunate than ourselves.

We have come to the rightful conclusion that the feeling of happiness is a two-way thing when it comes to giving to charity. Many businesses donate to such charities. Tonic SEO, for example, plan to donate money to several charities. The company, who specialise in search engine optimisation, recognise the benefits of giving to charity. Donating can bring a lot of happiness to a person and this is shown through our case study and external scientific research. Giving to charity in turn improves the lives of others and can even reduce mortality rates in some of the world’s poorest countries. Therefore, we encourage you to give what you can to your favourite charity today.


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