Is there a link between heavy social media usage and mental health issues?

Experts usually claim that sitting and smoking are almost the same. Considering the issues linked to sitting as well as the individuals, it kills yearly, then lying is one of the health’s worst enemies. However, more importantly, is what we do while seated, that’s scrolling through social media. Social media usage isn’t perfect for mental health and in most ways, it can be pretty damaging.

Some links between heavy social media usage and mental health are:


Escapism, mood disorders, tolerance, neglect of personal life, mental preoccupation and withdrawal are typical among heavy social media users. As a result, several people also tend to go through withdrawal symptoms once they stop using social media.


Heavy social media users tend to be sad since social media leads to periods of social isolation as compared to solitary pursuits. Therefore, the more people use social media, the more socially isolated they perceive themselves to be.

We are all aware that social isolation is one of the worst things for both mental as well as physical health. However, offers information on how to deal with such disorders.


Comparing ourselves with others is mentally unhealthy, and one of the reasons why heavy social media users feel isolated is the comparison factor. As we scroll through social media feeds and make judgments of how we measure up, we, as a result, fall into the trap of comparing our lives with others. In most cases, such comparisons make us feel worse and depressed.


The comparison factor in social media leads to jealousy as well as envy. This can lead to some individuals wanting to make their life appear better. As a result, social media users could develop depression and low self-esteem.

Forecasting error

Part of the worst cycle is we always want to keep utilising social media even though it doesn’t make us feel good. Just like other drugs, we tend to think that getting a fix will help. However, it makes us feel worse; this resembles the pattern in different types of addiction.


Having many friends on social media doesn’t mean you are social. Also, loneliness is linked to various mental health issues. A significant number of social media users have exceptional levels of loneliness. Therefore, getting social support is vital.

Body image

Continued use of social media may lead to body image insecurity. Also, the comparison of friends’ photos is more influential than pictures of celebrities. Therefore, social media use can lead to distorted body image perception as well as higher rates of eating disorders.

All this is not to say that social media has no benefits, it keeps people connected across distances. However, taking breaks from social media aids in boosting our psychological well being.

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