Common Home Appliances You’ll Need to Replace and When You Should Do It

Our homes are full of appliances, aren’t they? And truth be told many of us don’t really think about them once they are installed and operational do we? Years will likely go by before you give much thought into replacing one and we often won’t do it till they actually break down.

Household appliances go through normal wear and tear that other furniture in your home does. We just don’t really pay it much notice unless one is damaged in some way. To confound this issue there is a big range when it comes to the general lifespan of household appliances.

For some, it could be a couple of years but others could easily last a decade or more. So, answering when you will need to replace a home appliance isn’t quite as simple as it might sound. But thanks to some research from Repair Aid we now have a better idea to give you some guidance.

Remember for some of these problems you could likely get your appliance repaired instead although it’s important to take the age of your appliance into account as well. So, let’s look at your main home appliances in more detail and see when you might need to replace them, shall we?

While dishwashers are a more luxury appliance they are becoming more commonplace these days. Their lifespan like most appliances can vary wildly although most won’t last beyond 10 years. Below, I’ve listed the main warning signs to look out for. If you spot any of these you might be best replacing your dishwasher especially if you have had it for over 5 years.

• A broken door latch
• Water won’t heat up enough
• Strong rust build up even in the interior or exterior of the dishwasher
• Cracks or dents on the machine
• Strange noises while the dishwasher is going through a cycle
• Broken or damage interior components
• Dishes not coming out clean

Washing Machine
A good washing machine can easily last you up to 10 years however that is by no means a given. Washing machines like many other household appliances can develop faults of all kinds that can mean your only option is to get it replaced with a new one. Some faults can be repaired but if your washing machine is getting on in years then replacing it will be the better option. Check out the list of common warning signs below.

• Water leaks out while the washing machine is in use
• Increased noise while the washing machine is in use
• Broken door latch
• Drum won’t spin while the washing machine is in use
• Damaged soap powder tray
• Increased shaking/ vibrations while in use.
• Clothes come out repeatedly wet or dirty after a cycle

While not every home will have a dryer they are more common than you might think especially in colder climates. A dryer can actually last an impressive 12 – 13 years on average although it’s important you know the warning signs to look out for just encase yours needs replacing sooner.

• Broken door latch
• A strong burning smell when the dryer is in use
• Increased noise when dryer clothes
• Fires or smoke coming from the appliance
• Clothes still coming out dry after s completed cycle
• A failure to generate adequate levels of heat

Your fridge is going to be one of those appliances that sees a lot of use but despite this, they can last a surprisingly long time. With a little look and regular cleaning, a high-quality fridge can easily last you over 10 years but if you do notice any of the signs below it might be best to replace it. If you have a fridge freezer unit then if one area breaks you really will have no choice but to replace the whole appliance.

• Food is rotting/ spoiling long before its expiration date
• A build-up of intense heat at the back of the fridge
• The door won’t fully seal/ close
• A build-up of noise while turned on

Freezers are one of the longest lasting appliances in your home! A good quality freezer can last up to 15 years on average the bad news is if yours does break down then prepare for quite the mess. If your freezer is part of a fridge-freezer combo unit then you will need to replace both as well. So, if one breaks down you have effectively last both, below are the common warning signs to look out for.

• The door won’t fully close or seal
• An excessive build-up of ice
• Ice keeps melting
• The appliance becomes unusually hot
• Loud noises when in operation

Cookers/ Range/ Ovens
There is a lot of variety when it comes to your cooking appliances but on average you should expect a good 10 years of service. Although if you spot any of the issues laid out below you should get it replaced right away.

• Lack of heat from the hobs, grill or oven
• Damage to the control panel/ dials
• Oven door won’t close
• Food takes a very long time to cook
• Damage to the thermostat or heating elements

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