“What to Expect During Your First Wine Tasting Tour”

Do you appreciate delicious wine? If the answer is yes, try a wine tour. Wine tours are very popular get-aways. Indeed, one can spend the weekend touring a couple of vineyards. Likewise, you can spend a week touring a wine region. Visitors can tour the wine country in a limousine. Further, Napa Valley is well-known for its train tour.


It’s a good idea to prepare for your first wine tasting tour. Make reservations because the vineyards are very busy. Additionally, make other arrangements for children because the tour is not kid-friendly. Many vineyards are family-run operations. Hence, visitors should be courteous and follow the rules. Be sure to have a designated driver for the trip home. Further, bring water to stay hydrated during tastings.


Visitors need to wear suitable attire and dress in layers. Be prepared for temperature changes by taking a sweater or light jacket. Visitors are on the outside a lot so one needs sunscreen and sunglasses. High heels are not the best choice in footwear. The tour includes viewing the vineyards. There’s a lot of walking and high heels may sink into the ground. Stash a pair of sneakers in your bag to be on the safe side. You’ll have the best experience by not wearing perfume. Rather, the host wants guests to be able to smell the wine.

 Be Attentive

Visitors are expected to be quiet and listen to the host. They’ll take the group through the vineyards and talk about the grapes.  Next, visitors get an up-close look at the wine-making process. Wine is held in stainless steel vats and barrels in different phases of the process. Visitors are allowed to take notes and ask questions.

Plan Ahead

There may be several types of wine made at a vineyard. Planning is required to make sure visitors don’t get overwhelmed. Start by tasting different varieties of white wine. Take a break before trying the red wines. There should be finger-foods available to munch on. Be sure to eat something so you don’t get tipsy.

 Wine Tasting Rules

The wine tasting world has its own set of rules. For instance, each wine is served in different glasses. Red wine is served in a glass with a bottom wide enough to be coddled by the hands. Guests coddle the wine to warm it up. The glass is also wide enough to swirl the wine so one can smell the bouquet. On the other hand, white wine is served in a glass with a slim bowl to keep it cool. Champagne and sparkling wines are served in flutes which help the bubbles last longer.

Visitors should never serve themselves. Rather, let the tasting room staff do the job. Additionally, the staff is glad to answer any questions about grapes or wine. Inhale deeply so you smell the wine before tasting. Swirl the wine around in the mouth so all surfaces are coated. Interestingly, wine tastes differently in different areas of the mouth.

Taste white wines before reds and save sweet wines for last. The host may ask you to check out the way wine runs down the back of the glass. Some wines develop legs or tears. The host expects visitors to use the spittoon or bucket. Many people choose to taste wine and spit it out. This helps visitors to pace themselves.

Most wine tasting tours end with a visit to the gift shop. Fortunately, guests are able to purchase bottles of their favorite wine. You’ll be taking the sounds and smells of the vineyard home with you. Get ready for a tour by visiting your local vineyards.




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