Psst! Christmas Is Coming…

It’s August, which means that you’re thinking of your corporate summer barbecue next week going off without a hitch. It may not have crossed your mind that you should be looking a little further ahead. To Christmas. Yes – we said it – don’t shoot the messenger, but did you know that if you haven’t started looking yet, you’re already a little late?!

Christmas is a mere four paydays away, which means that your company should be thinking about how to throw the perfect end of year bash right now if you want to get into an excellent venue, with the best caterers and even better music. Live bands tend to get booked up early in the year. The bands on this page? They’re just that good! You may think it’s crazy, but a little preparation can go a long way, and when it comes to your company schedule, you need to wrap things up early. A well-planned Christmas party is the best way to see out a year, so let’s talk about why you should be planning yours right now.


The hotels and venues that cater for Christmas parties book up early. A lot of companies see the value in booking their Christmas party early to snag a discount, and you can, too. Booking the right event space first will ensure that you get the date that you want, which is exactly what you need for your party to go off without a hitch.

Time Management

When you give your employees the date of the Christmas party, you provide them with the chance to plan their vacation days accordingly. If you’re feeling super generous, you could offer everyone the day after the party as an impromptu duvet day. Not only will you drum up a little motivation and excitement, everyone gets time off for the designated date for the company party. 

Get Entertained

When you book the venue early, you’re going to have the chance to book the caterers, the DJ or band, the party entertainers and everything else. Booking each of these elements early also secures the entire event, and that then leads to you being able to book your clients into the party, too!

Excitement Ahead

Booking your party and venue early is going to allow the excitement to build for all of your staff, and really create an environment in your office. Your employees will know that there is a reward where they can blow off steam in the meantime. A well-organised event is going to show everyone that you value their work and their effort, and you can also relax knowing that you are all sorted months in advance.


A lot of companies will have offers on early, and if you are able, you can take them up on them and get a discount for your choices of caterers, florists, etc. 

Your company Christmas party should be one that is fun and shouldn’t be a total scramble to organise. You need to get on it now – even in the height of the summer months!

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