– the global health platform concludes strategic cooperation with

medinout announces its technology collaboration with TIMEPAY, the first video chat tool with an optional, minute-by-minute online direct billing capability.

This is good news for all patients, health professionals and all participants of the 1st and 2nd health market in the German-speaking area (D-A-CH).

The patent-pending TIMEPAY technology will be integrated in the medinout beta version via link and in the final version as a module in the members area. For the first time, the TIMEPAY video chat on an online health platform offers patients, health care professionals, physicians, therapists and all other health professionals the opportunity to directly exchange with and advise on registered therapeutic experts in all disciplines. In this way, not only the telemedical dialogue is possible, but also a legally compliant direct billing of the service is provided.

TIMEPAY not only enables telephony / video communication between two parties, but also offers the special feature that a minute or fixed price tariff can be legally agreed at any time during the ongoing call and charged directly after the call. For this purpose, a global communication platform was implemented as SaaS solution, which is ideally suited for any form of remote B2B support or B2C remote consulting. Thanks to the TIMEPAY video chat solution, medinout can provide its customers with a communication solution that can be used to price, measure and settle the therapeutic services provided on a minute-by-minute basis. TIMEPAY sees itself as an innovative alternative to the previously available minute-by-minute billing options for telephone services – the traditional 0900 or 0137 Premium Service Numbers. In contrast to these paid telephone numbers, all processes, call times and accrued costs at TIMEPAY are digitally transparent and traceable.

The TIMEPAY technology is browser-based and can be used immediately without plug-in or software installation, simply and conveniently from anywhere in the world, making it ideal for cross-border and international consulting and support applications. Every conversation starts cost-neutral for the customer. Suppliers can offer their customers either minutes, hours or fixed prices during the call (minute dynamics). Individually and according to mutual digital agreement, this defines the price and starting time of the fee-based service. The fee can be paused by each party at any time or terminated by pressing a button. Customers can instantly see if a professional consultant is available through the on / off-line availability panel. If not, an individual consultation appointment can be arranged directly via TIMEPAY. Suppliers can bill their customers directly via the billing option integrated with TIMEPAY.

In this way TIMEPAY enables a purposeful and professional consulting experience. TIMEPAY has created a globally applicable and innovative solution that the market has demanded.

TIMEPAY has developed extremely well as a legally secure, telemedicine-suitable video chat solution and already today offers as the only provider a direct billing option with optional adjustable minute tariff or fixed price during an ongoing call (minute dynamics). If desired, each call can be individually priced to the minute and made legally secure (Distance Selling Act) and settled. This option clearly sets TIMEPAY apart from other video chat technologies. With, we have found the ideal partner to continue the market launch of and to help further the realization of the World Health Platform, “says Michael Basler, Managing Director of TIMEPAY GmbH.

“With the highly innovative TIMEPAY technology, probably the number one among the minute dynamic video chat providers in Germany, we are further expanding our expertise in the field of digital health. With our goal of a World Health Platform, we want to sustainably improve the lives of all people and help to make health care less frustrating for all concerned, “said Mosebach, Founder & CEO of medinout GmbH & Co. KG and even practice owner with over 20 years of treatment experience.

“We are thrilled with the TIMEPAY video chat and its great function of being able to settle online conversations directly between the interlocutors legally without having to involve third-party providers in invoicing,” says Gisela Knapp, co-founder & COO of medinout GmbH & Co. KG.

As an eHealth pioneer and with’s declared goal of equating physicians and therapists as actors and experts in the healthcare market and making their insights and experiences accessible to the public in a common place, the Bavarian eHealth startup already stood out in their official online launch Beta Version 2016 ( clearly different from other competitors on the web.

“We look forward to future collaboration and to medinout’s responsible mission of realizing and providing significant technical support for a World Health Platform,” said Basler.

Timepay GmbH was founded in January 2017 and is based in Frankfurt.

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