Unlock Credit Building Potential with Your Mobile Phone SIM Plan!

In a world where credit rules supreme, having a high credit score is more vital than ever. Unfortunately, with current reports indicating that one in five UK adults are turned down for credit due to poor credit history, achieving a good credit score remains a significant challenge.

Did you know that your regular mobile phone SIM plan could be a secret key to enhancing your credit score?

Here are some enlightening facts on how a mere mobile phone SIM plan can be an instrumental asset for building credit:

  1. Payment History: Timely monthly payments of your mobile phone SIM plan bills signify responsible financial conduct, which is a crucial aspect of developing a favourable credit score in the UK.
  2. Credit Score Improvement: Systematic and punctual payments towards your mobile phone SIM plan can progressively better your credit score. As it improves, you might qualify for superior credit offers, such as loans, credit cards, and mortgages with more advantageous interest rates.
  3. Financial Discipline: Managing a mobile phone SIM plan with diligence teaches financial discipline and budgeting skills. Prioritising your phone bill payments and remaining within set usage limits helps cultivate dependable financial habits, essential for long-term financial health and credit credibility.

Lewis Camilleri, Founder and CEO of Boshhh, expressed: “There is a real problem in the UK now with the current cost of living crisis and recession and people are struggling financially more than ever before. “It’s widely reported that increasingly a large proportion of the UK population are financially excluded from many financial products due to poor credit rating so it’s a vicious circle. If you can’t get credit, you can’t build it. With Boshhh we want to be able to stop the vicious circle.”

Targeted at those with inadequate or no credit, Boshhh is the world’s inaugural mobile network specifically aimed at bolstering customers’ credit scores. Offering unconditional approval for its SIM plans, Boshhh works collaboratively with customers to enhance their credit reports by noting timely payments, thus aiding in improving their credit scores. Moreover, Boshhh incentivises prudent financial conduct with its credit booster rewards programme, featuring exclusive deals and discounts at various prominent high-street shops.