Helpful Set of 20 Gold & Silver Related Videos Published by Daniel Fisher of Physical Gold

Physical Gold, a reputed London based gold and silver broker has published a series of 20 videos for the benefit of new and experienced precious metal investors. The series has been produced as a set of educational tools that can assist gold and silver customers to understand the precious metals market and help them make educated decisions when it comes to investing. The videos discuss the pros and cons of both silver and gold as investment vehicles. Understanding basic concepts like the spot price, premiums and calculating the value of investments in different currencies are also covered in separate modules within this series. These videos are expected to fill a gap in the market for much-needed investor education in the field of precious metal investments.

The series contains separate videos about investing in coins and bars. The first and second video in this series covers the top five choices when investing in 1 ounce silver coins and five reasons to buy gold sovereigns. Daniel Fisher, founder and CEO of Physical Gold commented on the videos saying, “I felt that silver investors needed a helping hand in choosing the right coins to buy in the popular 1 ounce silver coin category. So, the list of my top five choices in 1 ounce silver coins is meant to serve as a guideline for silver investors. In the video, I provide compelling reasons for selecting particular coins. Of course, I would advise investors to do their own research before buying a particular coin, based on the principles explained in the video. Similarly, gold sovereigns have been around for more than two centuries. They provide liquidity, divisibility and flexibility when building a gold portfolio. Due to the issue of sovereigns across the reigns of different monarchs, these coins are available in different sizes and enjoy a vibrant secondary market. Therefore, I have summarised five good reasons for investors to select the gold sovereign as a part of their portfolio.”

The series also covers the interests of numismatists. Often, the objectives of collectors are quite different from investors, who wish to make a good return on their investments. One of the videos in the series highlights the fact that gold coins can be collected as a hobby and for profit. The video explains how collectors can choose gold coins using their heads, as well, as their hearts. An overarching theme that runs throughout many videos contained in the series is how to plan gold investments as part of a balanced investment portfolio.

We were keen to know why this was important. He replied, “Portfolio balance is all about diversifying risks. Therefore, savvy investors always select a number of asset classes when making investment decisions. These include capital market investments, debt instruments like bonds, real estate and precious metals, to name a few. My view is that gold plays an important role in this mix by providing liquidity, mitigating currency risks and providing a buffer against inflation. This balancing effect is particularly useful at times of economic uncertainty. If you view the gold price charts over the last 20 years, you will see that investors have always moved their money to gold to hedge their risks at times like these. Infact, the last recession saw the gold price achieving its all-time peak in 2011 and 2019 has now seen that summit usurped.

“I hope that investors will become more aware of these key points after watching the videos”, he added.

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The videos also address the future of silver investments, which is fast becoming the most important growth area in precious metals. The spot price of silver is expected to rise significantly over the next few years due to high industrial demand and falling supplies. The downside risks of silver investing and the upside for investors are all covered in this series of 20 engaging videos from Physical Gold.

The video series highlights the importance of tax planning. Many investors aren’t tax-aware, and they stand to lose out by letting the tax bill reduce their earnings. For example, VAT can impact investments by as much as 20%, while CGT may also be payable when selling off precious metal assets. The Physical Gold team is always available to discuss issues related to tax planning and also provides free guidance to investors on all matters relating to gold and silver investments.

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Physical Gold is a London-based, online gold and silver dealer. The company was founded by Daniel Fisher in 2008 and enjoys a growing market share, based on the trust it has earned from its customers. The family business is registered with the BNTA and its reputation has grown in the marketplace over several years, based on strong market knowledge and exemplary customer care.

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