How Social Media Affects Students Time Management

There are billions of people all around the world that use social media. Some of them visit such platforms as Facebook or Instagram for several minutes. The others may “hang” there for a couple of hours. Finally, there are some individuals who spend most of the day over there. It is especially true when we talk about students. They seem to spend every free minute in social media and it’s a matter of great concern of many educators and parents.

One of the main negative consequences is time management. We have investigated this crucial topic and ready to share our opinion. There are many potential problems if students use their time irrationally.

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Social Media Steals the Time on Learning

Different studies were carried out to define how social media affect students time management. Most of them agree that it steals a lot of precious time. Students get absorbed by various platforms and lose interest in their studies. Regardless of the purpose, they hang there, the priorities of students strongly change.

Why do students spend and, let’s be honest, waste their time on social media? They access interactive content that matches their preferences. These are videos, audios, a discussion of various teenage topics, and of course, pure chatting with one another. It is said that friendship is a lengthy period that also absorbs time. Nevertheless, digital communication doesn’t bring too many dividends for youngsters.

It isn’t real and people act differently when they meet in reality. Texting is much faster and simultaneously, it takes more time. Young people don’t even realize how many hours they waste on socializing via the Internet. They may think “I’ll quickly send a few responses and that will do”. Unfortunately, they begin to look for other interlocutors just to continue their chatting. It’s important to communicate with your peers. Nevertheless, if students overdo, they have no time for their homework tasks.

There are the following problems related to social media and time management:

  • Loss of interest in studies and other spheres of life.
  • Avoidance of responsibilities.
  • Laziness.
  • Social isolation.
  • Distraction from studies.
  • An inability to gain a proper concentration.
  • Worsening of learning results.
  • A decrease in learning abilities.

Every academic task has a clear deadline. If a student violates them, he or she loses a lot of grades. Besides, there are different subjects and a limited number of hours given to master the material. If they are inattentive during their classes or even miss them, they will never learn what is required.

Students steadily lose their grip. Their skills remain at the same level and due to a lack of practice those skills worsen. Students aren’t interested in any sort of academic competition and lose any interest. Even when they try to study, they get distracted by a continuous desire to review a few videos or send a couple of messages. They lose the possibility to focus on any task for a long period of time. Students become obsessed with social media and this is a real mental deviation.

Besides, social media “obsession” leads to many other negative consequences. Therefore, students and their parents ought to be cautious. They are supposed to act reasonably and limit time spent on social media. Otherwise, they risk falling behind their academic programs.

Some Positive Feedback

Of course, it’s not always bad to spend time on social media. Different platforms offer multiple useful websites, articles, guides and other materials to help students. For example, all busy students can contact an expert essay writing company and receive timely assistance from professional writers. The experts are qualified and very quick. Their skills and experience allow for beating the most urgent deadlines and the quality will be always high. Besides, such service offers a wide range of other essential benefits that will improve your academic progress.

Students can join some thematic forums and communities that focus on educational issues. It’s a great opportunity to learn the opinion of other students, as well as qualified professors. Students actively participate in webinars, workshops, lessons and other online events. They gain more knowledge to cope with all pieces of writing, as well as reading and listening projects. Moreover, they learn how to manage their time effectively, overcome stress, avoid distractions, and something of the kind.

Socializing via the Internet may also help with some personal problems. Some people feel inconvenient when they speak in person. However, texting is another dimension and they are braver to share their personal problems. They can also find various helpful blogs and scientific researches. Young minds also eagerly learn some new facts, which may be used in their studies. Therefore, we cannot claim that social media brings only negativism.

As you can see, this issue may have different outcomes. We cannot deny the positive sides of social media. It can teach a lot. Nevertheless, many students don’t visit those platforms with academic purpose and it’s a huge problem. They receive multiple problems and one of the worst is poor time management. Such students cannot plan their day properly, miss classes, get oftentimes distracted and irritated, cannot maintain a proper focus, and aren’t able to fulfill their tasks on time. It’s necessary to use social media reasonable. There should be time that is spent on leisure hours, as well as on learning. If students find a middle ground, they will avoid all the problems highlighted in this article.

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