Tips to choose a BaByliss Curling Hair Wand

Having trouble finding a hair wand that is right for you? Hair wands vary according to the size of the curls you want, which makes it important to select one that matches your desired curls. Although the size of the wands could be a personal preference, the choice should also be determined by the texture of your hair, since some wands will only work for certain types of hair. It is useful to know which wands will be best for your hair before buying one.

Choose the right type of hair wand

Look at the heat settings of your curling wand

Different hair types need different heat levels. Thick hair can withstand higher levels of heat while thin hair needs much lower temperatures to prevent damage. Higher temperatures are also necessary if you are going to curl large amounts of hair at once.

  • Many hair curlers have adjustable heat levels. This is ideal since you can change the temperature depending on your specific hair type.
  • You should never use temperatures up to 400 degrees. Those are temperatures that you should leave for stylists and professionals. Try to stay between 300 and 340 degrees when combing your hair. If you have thin hair, lower the temperature to 175 degrees.

According to the structure of your hair, if you want to get best hair wand, Babyliss product are top choice for professionals and individuals to give the professional finish at home and salons. The important benefit of a wand curler is reduces the split ends.

Buy a 25 mm (1 inch) barrel if you are new with hair curlers

Most consider the 25 mm (1 inch) barrel as the preferred hair tool for any curl with any length of hair. If you want to buy a hair curler, or you are going to buy one for the first time, consider starting with a 25 mm (1 inch) one.

  • This barrel works for short bob styles, medium long hair and long layered curls.
  • This width can create tight natural curls and, when brushed, the curls may appear natural and fluid in longer hair.

Choose the shape of your curling iron

  • Conical Wands: These wands usually have a smaller end and widen until they have a thicker base. They also come backwards, with a wider tip and a smaller base. These provide precise curls, also allow you to create thicker and thinner curls with different sizes in one tool. You can create beach waves with these types of tools. These can create romantic curls that widen at the tips.
  • Straight barrels: These are found in typical hair curlers. They give your curls a uniform shape, allowing you to have ringlets and loops.
  • Spiral barrels. These barrels have elevated spiral lines or loop to guide the shape of the hair.
  • Pearl Barrels: These have pearls or small balls along the barrel. They are used for curls that look more like natural curly hair without a definite perfect shape. They are good for wild and natural curls in any length of hair.
  • Double or triple barrels: These are also known as “waver”. They have 2 or 3 barrels together that look like fingers. These curling irons give hair 8-shaped waves instead of curls. They are better for long hair.
  • Irons another way to curl your hair is to use a hair straightener. This works with short or long hair, and it can be a way to curl your hair if you already have an iron.

Decide the right material

When choosing a hair wand, it is important to pay attention to the material with which it is made. Some of these materials are better for your hair than others.

  • Tourmaline ceramic curling irons are popular and one of the safest. If you curl your hair frequently, this is the material you want. They maintain a constant temperature throughout the barrel. They release negative ions that smooth the hair cuticle, eliminate frizzy hair and make it appear soft and shiny.
  • Titanium barrels are good for thick hair, difficult to heat, uncontrollable or that does not retain heat. They also contain the same negative ions that help reduce frizzy hair and protect hair such as ceramics or tourmaline.
  • The chrome and gold barrels heat well, but they won’t fight frizzy hair. Although they are cheaper, chrome curling irons can have hot spots and damage your hair.
  • Metal steam barrels can be good for thin hair that does not preserve curls. These release steam, which helps replace moisture that removes the metal. The steam helps the hair retain the curls.

In addition, if you want natural looking and beautiful kink-free curls, then Babyliss Smooth Vibrancy Curling Wand is one of best option for you. It has25mm-13mm conical barrel, Up to 210°C high heat, 5 digital heat settings, Ultra-fast heat up, Cool tip technology etc.