Why are Napag Trading Polymers best in the world?

Polymers are widely used in our daily life in almost every household to mechanical and from mechanical to industrial purposes. What are polymers? Polymers are basically and in simple words are chains of long and molecules chains which are repeating itself. These materials have some separate and distinctive properties which are basically based on the types of molecules they are bonded with them.

What Napag trading has done Special?

Napag Trading has maintained this simple policy of customer satisfaction, reliability, durability and Light weightiness so in this purpose and to keep the integrity Napag trading has taken some real measures, and we don’t compromise on quality, and our quality is among the best of the world.


Polyester is the most important polymer of Napag trading, and our top priority is to develop the best quality polymers for our customers. Polyesters of Napag trading are stretchable and tends to bend itself.


Rubber is also important Polymer in Napag trading. It has even tendency to stretch itself. Our Rubber is used in shoe soles and manufacturing of tires we are in talks with various big manufacturers like Dunlop and tiger hill for manufacturing Napag Trading rubber tires.


Glass is yet another but also most important polymer which lies under Napag trading. We have both fibreglass and mirrors glass. Our quality speaks for its glass, unlike rubber and polyester is the hard polymer and is widely used both in the household and in big factories.

Why are Polymers important?

Polymers are touched by almost every feature of our modern lives. Chances are several people have been in contact with at least one polymer containing products from water bottles to gadgets to tires during last hour, so Napag trading tried to grab the opportunity by bringing the best quality polymer of the world to your doorsteps.

Sustainability of Napag trading Polymers


Polyester Polymers are used in rigid foam insulation, offer impressive sustainability advantage, contributing to significant energy savings and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Sales of Napag trading polyester polymer in 2016 contributed to saving 97 million barrels of oil. Over a twenty-year period, covering the life-span of polios insulating boards, Stephan’s polyester ploys have contributed to 1 billion barrels of oil saved. So polymers of Napag trading are highly sustainable as they are specially designed to maintain high sustainability.

Polymers that Napag trading deals with are

The main polymers that we can provide are Polyethylene, Polystyrene, (PS), and Polypropylene (PP), Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and Polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

Polythene due to its non-decomposable properties is now avoided by Napag trading, and we are trying our best to help in protecting the cause to save nature.

Artificial Skin:

Our polymers are also used in the making of artificial skins may be the future of anti-ageing efforts. The polymer can tighten the skin of a person in the form of two creams and reduce the appearance of wrinkles which diminish under-eye bags.