5 Super Fast Ways To Increase Productivity

If you’re not getting as much done during the day as you would like, then you might want to consider adding a few things to your daily routine to help you amp up your productivity. Below you’ll find 5 super fast ways that can help you to become more productive. Take a look:

Use Caffeine Wisely
Caffeine can be a great tool, but only if you use it wisely. For example, when we get up first thing in the morning, we naturally have a little more energy. It’s a good idea to wait until around 11am to have your first coffee, as this is when a dip in energy is often noted. If you drink coffee all day long, you’ll eventually become numb to the powers of caffeine. You’ll probably feel worse off too.

Get Your Blood Pumping
Do some yoga, go for a walk, whatever you do, get your blood pumping. You can do this in the morning to start you off for the day, and you can even do it on your break times to stay feeling alert.

Don’t Work For Too Long Without A Break
Working for too long without a break can force you to slow down and get less done. Instead, set a timer for 30 minutes and see how much you can get done. It’s much easier to stay focused for that amount of time than a few hours at a time. Have a short break and repeat.

Identify Your Most Productive Times
Some are more productive in the evening, some in the morning. Pay attention to your most productive times.

Use Applications To Help You
There are all kinds of applications that could help you get more done, such as excel sheets.

credit to STL