“An Apple A Day” while locked away


Entertainers worldwide pass an apple from screen to screen fulfilling perhaps the modern version of an “apple a day will keep the doctors away!”

After being been stripped of gigs and thrown into both isolation, and unemployment; musicians, magicians, acrobats and circus performers have joined forces and continue to create smiles on the faces of millions with this video

James Bustar, a Sydney-based (UK born) juggler, began the virtual project as a way to bring people throughout the arts community together. Connecting over 100 performers from over 7 countries in just under two weeks, he says he hopes to, not only band together, but also “raise money and awareness for the arts” community.

While often the entertainment industry steps up in times of crisis, such as the recent bush-fire relief efforts, its’ members are now high on the list of those struggling the most. With the industry registering $325 million (and counting) on the ilostmygig.net.au website, Bustar hopes funds raised from the project will be donated to The Support Act. A charity seeking to support artists by providing a free, confidential counselling service.

The project highlights the entertainment industry’s resilience, strength of character and endearing willingness to make us all smile even amidst a global health pandemic.

Check out the full video here on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/james.blaxall.1/videos/10156863424856969/?t=9


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James Bustar
Hilarious Juggling Antics and Mayhem

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